The Double Bind on the ACoN Soul

I love this post: “Have you felt the pull to gossip or triangulate with others so you can be part of the inner crowd and keep the narcissist from talking about you?”

Understanding your role with a Narcissist in practical terms that will explain WHAT being ‘supply’ to a Narcissist really means!

“…But with modern technology and social sites the Narcissist is now able to network easily and cover more ground with their fake and superficial profiles and keep their secrets so well hidden. They use social sites like a politician uses a campaign to get votes! Basically the Narcissist employs everyone to serve them and everything is based on the Narcissist’s superficial lifestyle. This is all supported by the lies they create to make themselves out to be these charming, moral and amazing people in our world when they are the direct opposite or destructive and cruel monsters in private! They are harvesting supply everywhere they can steal it from.”

After Narcissistic Abuse

From my Book – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! @

Narcissistic supply is MANY things but basically any emotional or physical attention, energy, help, support, sympathy, acknowledgement or approval that you give to a Narcissist for any reason, be it positive or negative. It is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that FEEDS their obsessive, and insatiable need for attention. Remember that they have basically tricked you into their world with such superficial charm or love bombing to harvest you like a farmer harvests their many crops. There is NO love, NO real relationship, NO reciprocation, NO respect given to you as a person, NO CONNECTION whatsoever, just complete nothingness! Yes it seems that they are a HUGE and viable part of your life as in reciprocating with emotions, empathy and LOVE, but the HUGE part is that they are only a façade and you…

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The Weird Collusion of Good People with Evil: Narcissists and their Enablers

Art by Rob Goldstein
I Married Another Narcissist…Again….

The people who regularly read my blog know that I’ve had more than a few dealings with pathological narcissists.

In fact, I’m a typical survivor of abuse in that I’ve normalized behaviors that would send most people running for their lives.

What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is yours? Of course!

I do get how wrong it is to agree with that but it’s taken me a lifetime.

The latest drama in the latest episode of my Mother the Second Life narcissist takes place on Flickr where a Narc has been happily trolling a piece of my Flickr account for close to a year.

It seems that ‘someone’ who administrates one of the art groups I started trolled it recently and banned a bunch of group members.

I’m tracking this drama as a side issue because I took the good advice of letting the group go; I simply won’t waste a second of what’s left of my life in a battle over nothing.

In fact, I now only use Flickr as an image hosting service and that’s only until my current membership expires.

What I find so interesting about this incident is that the people who’ve sent me email about this latest bid for attention from the narc have gone out of their way to assure me that the Second Life narcissist may not be responsible for this.

Now, understand that she has trolled that group for months, I asked her publicly to step down as an administrator and she still refuses to do it.

That refusal qualifies as both trolling and stalking and stalking is a crime.

With all of this,  my closest contacts feel the need defend her as (possibly) not being the troll.


How do narcissists get away with publicly trolling and stalking people and still have defenders?

Any ideas?

RG (c) 2016