Suicide: When Your Sorrow Feels Too Dark

You are NOT alone

The Invisible Scar

[photo credit: flick user darren bertram] [photo credit: flick user darren bertram] Sometimes, adult survivors of emotional child abuse feel a deepening sadness that grows heavier and heavier with time. The burden of it can feel too much to carry… and they may think about suicide.

So, we need to talk about suicide… and to discuss it with compassion and without judgment.

Let’s drag this howling monster from the shadows and force it to the spotlight, so we can see what it truly is and talk about finding help to battle suicidal thoughts.

Don’t be afraid to discuss this subject. The mention of the word “suicide” will not summon death. It is not an evil spell that a person can cast. Most importantly, we can weaken suicide’s seemingly overwhelming power when we discuss it and seek healthier solutions for such severe depression.

After all, suicide is a tragic death… and yet it can be preventable

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The One Weapon That Will Defeat A Narcissist

Excellent post: “It is sad really, they have no self love either so they have no tolerance for people who can love themselves. It makes them sick, it makes them crazy. Saying no to a Narcissist because you truly believe in your self worth makes their skin crawl.”

So Long Sociopath

“You can never win against me, just give up Booskie” E laughed as he put me in checkmate again, Chess was our night time ritual and as much as I practiced I could not seem to beat him.

“Some day I’ll win, you’ll see.” Even then, in that moment I was speaking more about our life together than a game. I hated the way I always lost to him. My dignity, my sanity, my identity, I was no Queen.

There is one weapon that will defeat any Narcissist, it is the very weapon they try to destroy from their first encounter, first building you up as if you were something so special you wonder how you were deemed so lucky to be in their presence. Then calculatingly they dismantle this weapon. This weapon is self love.

I can not tell you why I never truly loved myself but I can…

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Trauma: A Confrontation with Human Evil

I’m honored that Lynette Davis used a quote from one of my posts on her blog.

Memoir Notes

There is nothing more painful or confusing to a child than being hated for being born. ~Rob Goldstein

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