Musical Affirmation: 11/10/2016

Whatcha See is Whatcha Get by The Dramatics (Released 1971)

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doll-582166_1920Whatcha See is Whatcha Get by The Dramatics (Released 1971)

From the My Jams Series:

Man oh man!  For me, this jam is right up there with “It’s A Shame” by The Spinners!

Here, we have a song that urges us to pay attention to the folks around us:

“You know some people are made of plastic, some people are made of wood…”

Baby those are real musicians and singers backing that sage advice!

Now, when you add all of that wonderfulness together, a masterstroke is whatcha get!

I’m getting chill bumps just thinking about all of the low, mid and high vocal ranges that are to be relished in this musical pièce de résistance!


Classic smooth soul at its best!

Flat out, what woman can resist a man with a beautiful falsetto singing, “All I want to do is love you…”


Uh oh!

Sorry y’all, I got carried away!

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Sweet Nothin’s: Sara’s Affirmation for Vermin Removal

Sweet Nothins -Sarah's Affirmation for Vermin Removal.

Are you infested with the fleas of Narcissism?

This affirmation works especially well for Internet Narcissists and their fleas (If you lie down with narcissistic vermin long enough, you’ll wake up a narcissistic vermin.)

Use this affirmation when a narcissist tries to get the last word.

They can’t leave a relationship unless they feel they’ve left you devastated. If you really want to make them feel pain end all contact and deny them the last word at every turn.

I like to use the affirmation in my profile, and I repeat it to myself when I feel any temptation to project a sense of decency onto them.

Repeat this affirmation until you know it’s true:

“I don’t owe you anything. Take your sense of entitlement and shove it up your ass.”

I promise you, it works. 🙂

There is nothing nastier than a bad case of fleas. Once the narcissist and her fleas are gone never let her near you again.

Good luck,



Brenda Lee-Sweet Nothin’s
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