My Left Foot

House Bound

I’ve got a big fat cast on my left foot that extends all the way up to the knee. I twisted the ankle on a photo shoot and tore a tendon.

So in a way the cast is like an award for being a klutz, well done.

I haven’t even worn the cast a whole day and I feel bloated.

My body wants exercise and it wants exercise now.

My focus in life is not blogging as much as my photo shoots.

I can spend hours looking for odd juxtapositions and random moments of natural beauty.

So here I am.

I’ve decided that I will use the crutches for exercise and maybe, just maybe, I can go for short hops and use the camera in my cell phone.

In the meantime I will have the time to pay closer attention to the blog, to learn more about how to integrate Twitter…and to perhaps go back to Flickr, which I’ve set aside while I learn Word Press.

I go back to the doc on April 25th.

That’s when the cast is supposed to come off.

Only thirty more days to go…