Happy Anniversary Robert Goldstein

from Looking For The Light

Looking For The Light

I heard this song yesterday, Robert instantly came to mind, his enthusiasm for the band reminds me of how I felt hearing them for the first time.

Robert, I’m sending my love as you celebrate 27 years, thick, thin, rich, poor, sick, sicker and still in love!      M

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Two year Bloggiversary Meet and Greet

Two year Bloggiversary Meet and Greet-come join the party!!!

From diapers and tutus to meetings and boardrooms

Meet and GreetTwo years ago I found myself searching for something. I was overwhelmed with trying to balance career and family back then. My priority being my career and moving up the ladder. Today, I am happy to announce that my priorities have changed. While I still work and provide a living for my family, I am out of leadership and leading a fuller and happier life. I am home for homework, dinner and bedtime every night and I would not change a thing. This blog has lead me to a path of self discovery in ways that I never thought possible. That is thanks to my loyal readers and community.

Thank you for at you give me each and every day. You give me encouragement, support strength and a Hey, we have been there. In honor of my two year celebration I thought we could have a little meet and greet…

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Anniversary Comming Up – Party With Me!

Happy Anniversary to A Momma’s View!

A Momma's View

I can’t believe that it will soon be a year since this blog came to life. A year of daily posting and connecting with inspiring people all over this planet. I know it’s early, as it’s not a proper anniversary just yet. But I figured I might celebrate already today. Celebrate in the form of reflecting on what this blog is all about and what it was intended to be about. Maybe even thinking about how I would introduce me today, almost a year after I’ve introduced myself to my readers for the first time.

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