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1508256079664542991904Hi everyone. Instead of #RomanticTuesday, I decided to write a post and letter about #MeToo. I will resume #RomanticTuesday next week. If you’re on social media, you might have heard of #MeToo. #MeToo is a way for people to share their voices and stories of sexual harassment and abuse via social media. Actress Alyssa Milano began this on Twitter a few days after the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Other celebrities like Lady Gaga, America Ferrara, Debra Messing and others are also participating.

Being a survivor of these types of abuse, I think this movement is empowering. It’s a way for survivors to speak up and express themselves…even if it happened to them many years ago. This also lets others know it’s OK to speak out against these actions.

I didn’t tell anyone I was abused until many years after it happened. I was ashamed of myself. I always thought it was…

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The Reasons A Sexual Abuse Survivor Asks: Am I Permanently Damaged?

sexually abusing a child violates every part of that child’s being

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I am so excited to have the one-and-only Rachel Thompson on my blog this week to discuss one of the most challenging questions survivors of trauma face. You can read my post on the same topic over at Rachel’s blog here. Find out more about her at the end of the post, but without further ado, welcome Rachel!


The Reasons A Sexual Abuse Survivor Asks: Am I Permanently Damaged?

By Rachel Thompson

This is just one of the many questions a survivor of childhood sexual abuse asks ourselves every day of our lives. People who have not been traumatized in this way will likely scoff at this question, thinking, “Of course you’re not! Why would you think such a silly thing!” and when you’ve thankfully never experienced abuse, this kind of question does seem silly.

To those of us who have survived early childhood sexual trauma (or any kind…

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