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One Saturday evening, an “out-of-towner” needed a shave and a haircut. The regular barber, Rush Gadson, was closed for the day. Rush cut hair out of a room in his; big, old, home, which once stood on the corner of 4th and Seaboard Street, just across the railroad tracks.

I always found Rush’s name fascinating, but even more so, when my father told me his full name; “Russian Corinthian Woodrow Wilson Gadson”, he’d chimed lyrically. That name invoked reminiscence of our “Cold War” nemesis, a New Testament book, and the “bookish” 28th President of these United States of America; how regal the barber’s name sounded to my young ears.

Later in life, I thought of Rush whenever, the actor Ricardo Montalban, elegantly informed TV audiences,  in a thick Spanish accent, that the new 1975 Chrysler Cardoba featured seats upholstered in the rich sounding, “Corinthian Leather”.

Subsequently, and much to my…

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Something to think about …. “Media Role …. ?”!!

No. And The MSM media is also an eager player in smearing Hillary Clinton.

It Is What It Is


~~July 23, 2016~~ 


By Yasmin Jiwani

As a major institution in society, the media play a critical role

They provide us with definitions about who we are as a nation; they reinforce our values and norms; they give us concrete examples of what happens to those who transgress these norms; and most importantly, they perpetuate certain ways of seeing the world and peoples within that world.

Media and Racism: How then do the media perpetuate racism?

The media do not stand in isolation from the society on which they report. In fact, they are an integral part of society.

They utilize the same stock of knowledge that is part of that pool of “common sense” which informs all of our lives. It is common sense to expect punishment if one has committed a crime; it is common sense to have a system of law and order…

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