Autumn Lights, Another Day on Earth

Happy December 1st! An experiment with video:


One day, we will put it all behind,
We’ll say, that was just another time,
We’ll say, that was just another day on Earth

We’ll say, that was just another time,
One day, we will put it all behind,
We’ll say, that was just another day on Earth

Video collage shot and edited by Rob Goldstein

Brian Eno – Another Day On Earth
Released in June 2005 on Hannibal Records
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On edit: The video is best viewed small.  The high-resolution copy of this video is too large for me to upload.

The Glorious Chaos

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yadadarcyyada, clickety-clack, the wheels of the train mocked me as I tried to play Risk on a mobile device – is it just me or are mobile devices a conspiracy by a secret order of Masonic Ophthamologists trying to destroy the vision of everyone, making them need eyeglasses, contacts and even eye surgery? Time will tell. Leaving Toronto aka The Glorious Chaos as my brother aptly named it, I paused to think of the large, cosmopolitan city  – wild, weird, at times, woolly, but wonderful as well. The Glorious Chaos is actually a suitable description of life. Sadly, those with Autism, like my son, experience Toronto and life itself differently. To him, it’s loud, smelly, bright, and crowded. To him, it’s overwhelming, scary, just generally creepy. But he has to live in the real world – whatever that means these days, so when my son is in a…

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Today’s lesson…

This post will lift your spirits!

Adventures of the Madcap Christian Scientist

“Are we really grateful for the good already received? Then we shall avail ourselves of the blessings we have, and thus be fitted to receive more.”
– Mary Baker Eddy

So I’m out on my walk in Bellingham – there is much glorious autumnal color to be had – gold and ruby are dripping from the trees and forming arches over the paths. But there are people walking the paths, too – spaced in just such a way that as soon as one walker gets out of my camera’s view, another appears. I’m feeling frustrated by this. At this rate I’ll be waiting all day to get a people-less picture.

I smile at the walkers as they go by me, and they all smile back and wish me a good day. And finally! – the path is clear – I raise my camera to shoot a photo – and one…

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An Autumn Trip With Ravi Shankar

An Autumn Trip With Ravi Shankar

A video made from short clips of Autumn leaves that I shot with my android. I processed the clip on my android and my PC.

I added a clip from a digitized 1967 recording of Ravi Shankar in New York
Found at the Internet Archives.

Ravi Shankar in New York
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