SMOKE ALARM – Meet Baton Rouge Photographer Damien Anderson | Poetry In Motion

Another killer post from authenticitee!

authenticitee speaks

It’s not as though an invitation to “caption this” was noted beneath him in this hypnoticmagnetic fieldmasquerading as any other photo on his Instagram page. Nor were his heterochromia soaked eyes behind Canon lens, looking for anyone to co-sign per sé; and yet his work as a photographer, was potent enough to unlock ancient secrets and woo me to the mic, pen in hand.

This ladies and gentlemen, is photographer Damien Anderson.

Self described on his 500pxPhotography site as an “Urban Explorer and nature and art lover”, he has consistently demonstrated the oft underrated ability to tell a story without using words. Having only recently stumbled across Mr. Anderson’s work, it was very clear from the onset, all were welcome but one must needs discern the tangible presence carefully interwoven within each post.

If you keep listening to him speak, you’llhear music but…

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