A little context on safety

Excellent commentary on the Republican National Convention


Last night’s Republican National Convention focused on keeping America safe. This is an enviable goal, but while bashing Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Benghazi and terrorism, three key points were missing as context.

First, while we have eight Congressional committee efforts to get to the bottom of Benghazi, at no time was it discussed that a GOP-led Congress cut funding for embassy security the previous summer. But, more importantly, why have we not investigated information that supported the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) claim that led to an invasion of Iraq which has killed 1,000 times more Americans than Benghazi not to mention many allied troops and Iraqi citizens?

This is even more important when it should be noted a member of Vice President Dick Cheney ‘s team named Scooter Libby went to jail for outing a CIA operative named Valerie Plame. The reason is her husband Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson was…

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Heads Up GOP: Chilcot Report Delivers Damning Verdict on British Role in Iraq War

On This Day
March 20, 2003

The UK investigates a possible international war crime while our GOP Congress conducts politically motivated investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of her email.

And if Hillary becomes President expect more smear campaign from the GOP  because subverting the rule of law and the will of the people is all part of the ‘game’ for them.

Remember that if the GOP gave a damn about ethics it would have looked into  The U.S. lead Invasion of Iraq, a decision that still compromises National Security.

Art by Rob Goldstein

Here are a few key findings of the UK’s Iraq War report:

“In November 2001, the JIC assessed that Iraq had played no role in the 9/11 attacks on the US and that practical co‑operation between Iraq and Al Qaida was “unlikely”. There was no “credible evidence of covert transfers of WMD‑related technology and expertise to terrorist groups”. It was possible that Iraq might use WMD in terrorist attacks, but only if the regime was under serious and imminent threat of collapse.”

– Page 10, Pt. 51

“… After the invasion, the UK Government, including the intelligence community, was reluctant to admit, and to recognise publicly, the mounting evidence that there had been failings in the UK’s pre‑conflict collection, validation, analysis and presentation of intelligence on Iraq’s WMD.”

– Page 77, Pt. 574

“In the Inquiry’s view, the diplomatic options had not at that stage [March 2003] been exhausted. Military action was therefore not a last resort.”

– Page 6, Pt. 20


“The lack of evidence to support pre‑conflict claims about Iraq’s WMD challenged the credibility of the Government and the intelligence community, and the legitimacy of the war.”

– Page 77, Pt. 577


“Mr Blair had been advised that an invasion of Iraq was expected to increase the threat to the UK and UK interests from Al Qaida and its affiliates.”

– Page 47, Pt. 340

Read more here: Saddam Hussein posed “no imminent threat” when the U.S-led invasion was launched in March 2003

And here: Chilcot: Key findings of the UK’s Iraq War report

Art by Rob Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein
Three Decades of Smear



NRA Props up Trump’s Campaign with Multi-Million Dollar Benghazi Smear

Art by Rob Goldstein
Why won’t the GOP investigate the Invasion of Iraq?

“The NRA’s Political Victory Fund, the political arm of the nation’s largest gun lobby, launched its first campaign ad of the political cycle after the NRA endorsed Trump back in May.

According to USA Today, the group plans to spend $2 million on this campaign.

The 30-second ad titled, “Stop Clinton, Vote Trump,” will air on national cable and on broadcast channels in the battleground states of Colorado, Ohio, Nevada, Florida, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

“A lot of people say they’re not going to vote this November because their candidate didn’t win; Well, I know some people who won’t be voting this year either,” Mark Geist, a Marine Corps veteran and Benghazi attack survivor, says in the ad as he walks through a cemetery.”


I know about hundreds of thousands of Americans and Iraqis who aren’t alive because of our dishonest Invasion of Iraq. What’s your point GOP?

Art by Rob Goldstein
Smear Campaigns Are Not Policy

Anyone who thinks the Benghazi investigation is anything more
than a GOP abuse of power for political gain is brainwashed.

This is just another in a series of GOP lead smear campaigns
against Bill and Hillary Clinton. that date back to the 1990’s.

Smear campaigns and scandal mongering are not leadership or public policy.

Talk to me about the economy and our broken mental health system.

Tell me what you intend to do to improve the quality of our lives.

Spare me the sight of your revolting use of our dead sons and daughters
to spread lies and disinformation.





If it’s Benghazi or Hillary’s Email, Talk to The Hand

Art by Rob Goldstein
If it’s Benghazi or Hillary’s Email, talk to the hand


I was going to leave this on a Facebook post as a reply to someone who
wanted to string up Hillary over Benghazi and that oh so convenient
Email scandal.

I posted it but took it down because I have no interest in using Facebook
for political debates.

I post it here because Selective Conservative Outrage Syndrome is on
a long list of crap I can’t suffer in silence anymore.

As far as I’m concerned Benghazi is now covered under Godwin’s Law.

The first person to use it loses the debate.

Will my fellow Citizens in the so-called red states ever wake up to the
fact that they’ve been had?

Your leaders use your passions to convince you to vote against your
lives and now you’re pissed because you have nothing.

Here’s a secret that my right-wing Grandfather told me: regulated capitalism is NOT socialism. 

Benghazi is another cynical ploy in a long string of cynical ploys designed to distract you from the devastation of decades of a failed experiment in unregulated capitalism.

The poor aren’t your enemies.

The majority of you are now poor!

Don’t you see it?

 Scandal mongering and smear campaigns are not a political platform.

Talk to me about the injustice of sending men and women in the prime of their lives to fight a war for profit and voting to take away funding for the services they need when they come home.

Talk to me about how you want to use your government and our economic system to improve your lives and the lives of your children.

Talk to me about schools.

Talk to me about jobs.

Talk to me about how we as people will care for our parents
and grandparents as they age and weaken.

Talk to me rationally about any aspect of our political process and it’s impact on the quality of our lives.

Art by Rob Goldstein
Talk to me about how you want to use your government and our economic system to improve the quality of our lives

But spare me your irrational Fox News inspired outrage over Benghazi and Hillary’s email.

If it’s about Benghazi or Hillary’s email, talk to the hand