Actor and LGBT activist George Takei has called for a boycott of Indiana, including GenCon, the world’s largest gaming convention, in response to the Religious Freedom law enacted today.

“I am outraged that Gov. Pence would sign such a divisive measure into law. He has made it clear that LGBT couples, like Brad and me, are now unwelcome in his state. The notion that this bill was not driven by animus against our community is belied by the record and frankly insulting. I will join many in demanding that socially responsible companies withdraw their business, conferences and support from his state and that LGBTs and our friends and supporters refuse to visit or do business with Indiana. It is a sad day for the Hoosier state, and indeed for the many good people of Indiana, for whom this law now stands as a terrible blight upon that state’s reputation.”

The New Civil Rights Movement

Let the Dixiecrat Governor of Indiana know how you feel.

The fact that Indiana’s Governor has done this illustrates a fundamental point about settling for rights.

Rights are only as good as the work people are willing to do to protect them.

Calif. Attorney Files for Ballot Initiative That Seeks to Have all Gays Executed with a Bullet to the Head

Religious freedom or hate speech. I suppose it depends on who is holding the gun.


HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — An Orange County, Calif., attorney has filed a proposed ballot measure with the California Attorney General’s office asking voters to criminalize homosexuality in the state and impose a death penalty sentence.
The filing, submitted along with the required fee of $200, will allow attorney Matthew G. McLaughlin to begin the process of collecting the approximately 365,000 signatures needed to put the measure before California voters on an upcoming ballot, reports Raw Story.
The proposed “Sodomite Suppression Act” was filed by McLaughlin and received by the initiative coordinator at the Office of the Attorney General on Feb. 26, according to documents on file with the AG’s office.
Under McLaughlin’s proposal, “The abominable crime against nature known as buggery, called also sodomy, is a monstrous evil that Almighty God, giver of freedom and liberty, commands us to suppress on pain of our utter destruction even as he overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.” LBTQNation

The “Sodomite Suppression Act” reads as follows:

“The People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.”

Sodomite Suppression Act

Behold the Sodomite Suppression Act

Did I just hear a Fundamentalist Christian accuse Islam of being a violent and hateful religion?