I lost my Buttons But Now They’re Found

Update: 4/28/18

My social media icons came
back today! Yay!


My Social Media Share Icons
have disappeared!

I can comment but can’t like
or share.

I have access to these icons in
the reader but the posts I want
to read don’t show up.


It’s frustrating.

I will ‘like’ and ‘re-blog’ when WordPress
solves the problem.

Update: 1:42PM. I just noticed the ‘Follow’
option is also gone.

In the meantime I’m using the reader which
let’s me access the ‘share’ icons.

What is going on?


#JusJoJan Daily Prompt / #SoCS – Jan. 14th/17 – The P Word!

from Ritu!

But I Smile Anyway...

Day 14 of Linda’s #JusJoJan Challenge, combined with her regular Saturday prompt for Stream Of Consciousness Saturday.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Just Jot It January is: A word that starts with “P.” Find a word that begins with the letter “p,” and make it the theme of your post. Bonus points for starting and ending your post with a “p” word. Enjoy!


That is what first came in to my mind when I read the prompt… really!

I deal with plenty of that sh*t (excuse the pun!) every day at work, what with nappies, which thankfully are much less now, to those little loves who can’t quite wipe their own bums yet, to the even less pleasant, ahem, explosions, that can come if they are suffering from the beginnings of upset tummies and bugs! Pleasant, yes, I know!

But poop… there is another reason…

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Haiku Hub Floating Challenge #1 – Heritage – A Round Up!

There are some excellent bloggers participating in this.

But I Smile Anyway...

Well hello all you Haiku enthusiasts (and those who aren’t, but read all my posts anyway)!

It has been a week already since I hosted the first of a monthly event sparked by TJ and hisHaiku Hub idea.

Haiku Hub Badge copyright TJ Paris 2016

I posted a photo…(taken in Shorne Woods Country Park)

20160807_151437And gave you a word prompt too –


Then asked you to do your best with either/both of the prompts for haiku that you were inspired to write.

Can I just say thanks to all who submitted an entry, it was fantastic to see the response, seeing as this was the first time I ever hosted a challenge like this!

So, here is a list of all those Hubbers who entered!

First in, Judy with her take, based on family momentos

The Lady Lee Manilla with a beautiful take based around her son’s wedding, and an inherited gift

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Second The Best ! #bloggersbash

Congratulations to ‘But I Smile Anyway…’

But I Smile Anyway...

Today was wonderful and I can’t believe it’s already over 😥

I am most proud and extremely thankful to those of you that voted…
I got second place in my Category Best Overall Blog Award!

There were some huge blogs I was up against so I was so amazed!


Still speechless… (well as gobsmacked as a chatterbox like me can!)

Still, I phoned my Hubby Dearest to let him know the good news and he was so happy for me, and my Lil Man and Lil Princess were jumping up and down, because “You know mummy, second the best!” followed by “Did you get anything??!!”

I said I got lots of claps and cheers, and a tee-shirt!


And I was lucky enough to also win a bracelet from Barb Taub!


I regret that I took hardly any photos but there are a few of my core blogily Erika,Judy and

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