Art by Rob Goldstein

A make avatar in a red hoodie against a dark background

His obvious filthy macho

His shredded jeans

His wandering gaze above the crowd

His arms are long he rocks his son

His trench coat barely fits

His legs are young and smooth

He stubs out his cigarette

He boards the train.

RG 2015

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The Land of Cotton


I’ve lost a couple of days.

The last thing I remember is reading an article about Kaiser San Francisco on Wednesday.

It is now Saturday, April 4th at 6:30PM.

I found this essay on my screen.

“The idea that we must love one another is incomprehensible to people who think in economic terms.

How can a physician who thinks solely in economic terms do no harm?

He sees body parts, potential costs, economic outcomes, and diseases that pay off.

How can people who worship war nurture life?

I have never agreed with our limited definition of homophobia.

I define homophobia as a profound fear of the ideas and aspirations that make us human in the civic sense of the word.

The Gay Rights Movement began in 1969 as a Liberation Movement.

 It placed oppression of same-sex sexuality within the context of an increasingly exploitative economic system that sharpened gender and class divisions as a weapon of control.

“We want the liberation of humanity, we want a society where the needs of the people come first. We believe that all people should share the labor and products of society according each person’s needs and abilities, regardless of race, sex, age or sexual preference.

We believe that the land, technology and the means of production belong to the people and must be shared for the liberation of all people.”

Out of the Closets: Voices of Gay Liberation

Ink Magazine

Yes, the writing is idealistic. But so was the signing of the Civil Rights Act

Homophobia is the term we gave to the legal and punitive bullying of Gays.

Institutional oppression is strategic either by instinct or design.

And fear is the tool of control.

The fear of being arrested and publicly humiliated

The fear of becoming ill

Fear is how slavers make and keep slaves.

The world of the homophobe is a world of absolutes.

Homophobic legislation is based on the primary assumption that the lives of certain people have no value.

This is also called moral exclusion.

My definition of moral exclusion refers to a process in which the majority legislates its social norms and legalizes dehumanizing and punitive behavior toward people who cannot or will not conform.

My definition is based on a definition found here: Alley Dog.com

Systematic abuse is designed to so completely break the target so that they can’t fight back.

Children who are raised in these punitive environments often grow up to believe that they have no right to be alive.

As adults they define success by degrees of diminished suffering.

“It could be worse….”

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