16 year old me for Robert Matthew Goldstein

Very Cool…A 16 Year-Old Brother Andrew

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A very poor image, a poloroid scaned into the computer -Taken when I was in year 11 because I left school at 17 and 9 months, in year 12. I am standing next to my Sister who I have cropped since she so dissapprove of my Being.

Behind me is the Baptist Sunday School where we went every Sunday. We  were living in the tiny town of Lawrence at the time- of 101 people.

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Nice post.

We cannot have a future if we allow ourselves to believe that we don’t have one. The futures of our great grandchildren are as much ours as it is theirs.

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I sent it in the early hours of the morning from my Samsung and only the header arrived – thank you for liking the header – now it is present.

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