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Sulaiman Hafeez

Lying down in my bed with a blanket draped over me, I keep tossing and turning unable to drift off to sleep. At 3 A.M, all my mind keeps thinking about is you.

I keep thinking about the time you used to lay right next to me with your messy hair strewn over your beautiful face, how melodious even your light-snores sounded and how your warm skin used to drive away the cold wind which is now creeping in inside my blanket.

I miss sitting beside you by the seaside and watching the sun rise through your eyes. Those times when I ran my fingers through your hair as you leaned your head against my shoulders while watching a movie.

Lying alone makes me realize how much I crave your touch. I wish to hear you whisper softly in my ears once again. I miss every last detail of you…

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School is in Session

And what happens if they take charge of a Nation?

The Drug of a Narcissist

Ending life with a Narcissist is truly…an education.  And education into the real person you thought you knew. 

And, as you learn more and more about the ‘real’ person behind the masked one you lived with…you will likely find yourself shell-shocked.  Whether it’s through Narcissistic Rage as you Gray Rock them,  whether it’s finding remnants of the secret life they led in conjuction with the one you lived with them, or just realizing that every memory you have with them you thought was good is now tainted as you see the lies that accompanied their every waking moment.  You will undoubtedly feel like you know nothing about them, or yourself as you realize what endured in life with them.

It’s a painful lesson…but one all survivors of these human parasites must learn.

I have learned more about the man I ‘loved’ in two weeks since he left than I clearly…

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Dear Cody

In So Many Words



I well understand your position and I respect your decision. I’m truly sorry that we can’t come to a less heart-breaking conclusion to this transition in our lives. I thank you for the time we have shared together and want you to know that I deeply appreciate your fortitude in bearing with me in the beginning and especially now as we reach the inevitable conclusion.

I understand your need out of this relationship, as it would be harder on us both to manage a long distance romance. But of course, I’m hoping, it doesn’t mean that we would sever our friendship because of it. I honestly believe that we have shared something beyond a relationship of convenience, beyond sexual, beyond companionship…more truly an honest friendship. And that is something I have lacked in my life for the past ten years and would miss dearly without you.

I too…

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