A Tour of San Francisco in 31/2 Minutes

Surrealist streetshot made with an android cell phone using panaorama feature to create distortion
Vanishing Act

Flickr members Richard Warner and Paul Ewing introduced me to a photographic technique they call Panovision.  They use radical hand and body movements to sabotage the android’s panorama option.

Paul Ewing describes the technique in the Pano-Vision group on Flickr.

Screen shot of Flickr member Paul Ewing that gives an explanation of the use of the panorama option on a cell phone for making abstracts
The technique for making Panovision Abstracts.

The results are shots like these:

Richard S. Warner-On a Hot Summer Day Time and Space are Fluid

On a Hot Summer Day Time and Space are Fluid

Paul Ewing- “Great Lakes Freighter Engine Room”


"Great Lakes Freighter Engine Room"


Or this one by Rob Goldstein – Deconstruction Site


Deconstruction Site

I noticed  a ‘save video’ option on the panorama shots and found the videos as interesting as the still shots so I played with them,  joined them and set them to music.

A Tour of San Francisco in 31/2 Minutes is a selection of Panovision
videos made over the past three months and set to Desert Song
by Dead Can Dance. I dedicate it to Paul Ewing and Richard Warner.





Know you 4th Amendment Rights

Know your rights

Let Our Voices Echo


4th Amendment

If police flag you down, pull over immediately, turn off your car, and place your hands on the wheel. When the officer asks for your license and registration, give it to them. If you’re ordered to exit the vehicle, do so immediately. But if the officer tries to use your traffic violation as a basis for a further investigation, minor traffic violations (e.g. speeding, broken tail-light or expired registration) these ARE NOT CONSIDERED PROBABLE CAUSE.

Most police are able to exploit a major loophole to the probable cause search requirement by tricking you into giving up your constitutional rights. REMAIN SILENT: What you don’t say can’t hurt you but anything you do say can and will be used against you. Don’t announce you know your rights. They consider it a challenge.

Police attempt to make you to admit to braking a law “You don’t mind if I…

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SMOKE ALARM – Meet Baton Rouge Photographer Damien Anderson | Poetry In Motion

Another killer post from authenticitee!

authenticitee speaks

It’s not as though an invitation to “caption this” was noted beneath him in this hypnoticmagnetic fieldmasquerading as any other photo on his Instagram page. Nor were his heterochromia soaked eyes behind Canon lens, looking for anyone to co-sign per sé; and yet his work as a photographer, was potent enough to unlock ancient secrets and woo me to the mic, pen in hand.

This ladies and gentlemen, is photographer Damien Anderson.

Self described on his 500pxPhotography site as an “Urban Explorer and nature and art lover”, he has consistently demonstrated the oft underrated ability to tell a story without using words. Having only recently stumbled across Mr. Anderson’s work, it was very clear from the onset, all were welcome but one must needs discern the tangible presence carefully interwoven within each post.

If you keep listening to him speak, you’llhear music but…

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Pleasure without privilege.

A mattress, small and damp.

Double jointed legs rise in hopeless matrimony

Strange migrations…

Her lips burrow into mine.


:She is in tears and she bites.
:My face jerks and wiggles.
:Her breasts dazzle my eyes.

…Twenty minutes.

Rob Goldstein (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved