#WordlessWednesday: Lulu, One Million Years BC

Illustration made in VR depicting a flapper in the Mesozoic Era
Lulu, 1 Million Years BC

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The Politics of Everyday Evil

The American Civil War was the topic of U.S. History;  the teacher asked us to imagine what life was like for a slave.

I was fresh from South Carolina and had just finished reading ‘Mandingo,’ so I raised my hand and said, “I think it would be awful to get bred.”

“Get — bread?” the teacher asked.

“Yes, ma’am. They bred slaves for the babies.”

“Where did you hear that? I’ve never heard such a thing.”

I instinctively knew Mandingo was not a good source, so I said, “Everyone in the South knows how to breed livestock. Slaves was livestock.”

The teacher smiled. “Were,” she corrected. “I’ll research this tonight, and if you’re right, I’ll apologize tomorrow.”

The next day I got an apology.

“By the laws of competition no one can carry on a thriving business in breeding slaves for the market, unless the rights of mothers be utterly trampled underfoot, and (to borrow Mrs, Stowe’s phrase, babies be sold by the pound; 2, The right of chastity be utterly denied to every slave woman, and the right of rape be sharply conceded to the master ; 3, All right of a slave to a wife or children, as well as to property or to a native soil, be totally exploded ; 4, The unlimited use of the whip be given to the master. Every one of these things is not only a stern reality, (and if you do not know them, I must say it is you that are ignorant, not I that misrepresent,) but they are even so cherished that no man in the South could publicly speak against any of them, without being tarred and feathered, or otherwise violently driven out.”
The Character of the Southern States of America, 1863

I consider the white supremacist a barbarian, and I define barbarism as a set of regressive beliefs and behaviors that are destructive to an advanced global civilization.

“Barbarism” in its contemporary sense is variously interpreted as meaning either a technologically advanced but extremely exploitative and oppressive society (e.g. a victory and world domination by Nazi Germany and its Fascist allies); a collapse of technological civilization due to Capitalism causing a Nuclear War or ecological disaster; or the one form of barbarism bringing on the other.” Barbarian Defined

Barbarians are not stupid; they make contingency plans when facing defeat.

Consider that as early as 1822,  slave owners in Charleston discussed the use of ‘white tradesmen’ as a cheap substitute for slaves:

“Sufficient data are not at hand to form a precise estimate of the whole expense of a Charleston black mechanic or house servant. But from the above statement, it must greatly exceed that of the field slaves. And when the draw-backs from his efficiency are considered, it is probable that the labor of white men will, on the whole, be as cheap as that of the slave.
Thoughts on a Slave Revolt 1822

The Union won the battle against the brutality of slavery, but the former slaves were viewed by their former owners as a problem:

“In 1860, failing to solve its part of the world’s problem of equity in human relationships, the commonwealth clashed with the dominant idea of the period. In the championship of their system the planters and their neighbors were defeated, and their system was shattered as far as it could be by its victorious enemies encamped upon the field. But the pendulum swings again. Facts of human nature and the laws of civilized social welfare are too stubborn for the theories of negrophiles as well as of negrophobes. The slave labor problem has disappeared, but the negro problem remains.”
The Slave Labor Problem in the Charleston District 1906

Lawlessness and terror were the South’s solution to the ‘negro’ problem, just as they are now.

“After the Civil War, [slave patrols] seamlessly morphed into the Ku Klux Klan, the Red Shirts and other extra-legal organizations with the same purpose: to keep the black population cowed and under control. Fear of the black population is also why Southern society long-accepted brutality in law enforcement to a greater degree than other parts of the country did.” American Violence and Southern Culture

Some people think of the victory of the Allies over the Nazis as an irrevocable defeat of evil.

The same claim is often made about the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“Ronald Reagan defeated evil!”

No, he didn’t.

The United States won a temporary victory over Russia’s Soviet Union, now a corrupt capitalist oligarchy that infiltrates our media and abuses the freedoms of our democracy to make our lives a living hell.

Evil adapts and waits.

Evil retreats, and becomes invisible until its crimes are such a stain on the collective soul they can no longer be ignored.

Before we know it, new camps are built and fresh slaves are captured and abused.

“The greatest evil perpetrated is the evil committed by nobodies, that is, by human beings who refuse to be persons”
Hannah Arendt

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In Memory Of The Charleston, South Carolina Mass Church Shooting Victims By A Racist Terrorist!

We have more in common then we care to know…becoming the targets of a mass shooting is just one of them.


charleston shooting victims

A Nation That Has Never Let Love In

In a land that time has forgotten
 there lives a people of a much lighter hue.
 They rock back and forth on the porch
 and sip from a bottle of Mountain Dew.

But in this land that time has forgotten,
 there are others with a dark skin tone
 who simply try and go about their business.
And they just want to be left the hell alone.

Though innocent of any wrong doing,
 since they never asked to be here,
 they worshipped the god of another
 who said believe and never know fear.

So, on a hot southern night in June
 in the old weeping willow tree,
 the birds became quiet as the grave
 and no hum could be heard from a bee.

Hate slithered right up to the door
 of a church and was welcomed inside,
 where there was prayer and love…

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17 St. Phillip Street – Part Four-

Nestor Castillo
Nestor Castillo

Bobby had what he called ‘feminine wiles.’

At 16 he noticed that men found him ‘sexy’ regardless of sexual preference.

It was the charismatic way he mixed masculine and feminine behaviors.

He was androgynous yet masculine.

At 18 Bobby decided that being gay was normal and anyone who disagreed with him was not his problem.

This placed him at odds with most of Charleston in 1972 which he accepted as the “price of freedom.”

He used the “closet” as part of an ongoing game of hide and seek with every straight man he met.

Shortly after a hot date with Ensign LeBeau Bobby became a Facility Maintenance Technician in training at the Charleston Navy Yard.

His new boss was a beefy 26-year-old named Nestor.

Nestor Castillo.

Nestor’s first task was to show Bobby how to use the waxer.

Nester: “ Now I know you never worked a waxer before but there’s no better time than now! Take the handle and brace it against your hips. Not my hips! Your hips! Take your hands off my hips and place them on the handle! Good. Press down on the handle while it’s movin! Good. That’s how you control it.

Nestor was Bobby’s new hero.

Bobby rolled up his shirtsleeves and found a pair of beat up work boots at a thrift store.

He dangled an unlit cigarette his lips.

One day Nestor called Bobby into his office.

Bobby sat down and Nestor kicked his feet up on the desk.

“Ya know Bobby, queers can’t work at the Navy yard.”

Bobby: If I see one I’ll let you know.

Nestor: You sure? You sure you won’t go off somewhere an’ mess around.

Bobby: Who told? …Just kidding…

Nestor: Bobby. I get weird vibes from you. Like maybe you wanna arouse me.

Bobby: My Momma would DIE if she thought I was arousin’ men! I think you should let me get back o my waxin’ since it took me so long to learn it!

Bobby gazed into Nestor’s eyes and smiled sweetly: “Unless you want me to train on your hips again?”

Nester lit a smoke and sent Bobby to get his machine.

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