On Being Unable to Reach the Fifth Stage of Grief

Excellent thoughts and reaction to the election from an American ex-patriot

Buffalo Schnitzel

I felt this election in my bones.

I’ll be honest–this is the first political race that I’ve ever lost sleep over, that affected my mood, that made me feel uncontrollably combative towards the ‘other side’ even when I tried very, very hard not to. I know I’m far from alone in this.

I desperately wanted to be an activist–if we were in the States, I can guarantee I would have donned my very own coordinated pantsuit and gone door-to-door, making quite the impassioned case.

Even though I once promised myself to avoid all political talk on Facebook and stick to family pictures or light updates on the state of my being, for the past month or so I just couldn’t help myself. I poured a glass of wine as soon as I got home from work and thought, no, no, stay away, stay awayno one’s mind has…

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My Letter To Media Outlets Regarding Their 2016 Election Season Coverage

Dear Media, DT is a liar, a con artist, a bully, dirty tricks expert etc, but you enabled him by letting him get away with constructing his huuuuge pile of manure. This is who he is both before and post the election process. He may have conned enough folks to get elected but he didn’t succeed with most of us.

Gronda Morin

The following is a template of what I will be writing to various media outlets. I do fault the media for their complicity in helping the republican’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump to become our next U.S. president.

Dear Media Representatives,

Image result for cartoons about media coverage of electionYou are about to receive many letters similar to mine. While I do not hold your paper and /or the media, in general, solely responsible for Donald Trump’s victory, you have been a major  factor/ player in helping him win.

The rest of the story…(DT is Donald Trump and HRC is Hillary Clinton)

Previously, I have written to media outlets (I am certain that I was not alone) indicating that if DT won, the media would be held culpable in helping  DT with his victory. I was asking the press to end their coverage of treating both candidate with a sense of false equivalency because there was no comparison between the two.

The media writers and pundits were…

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Those Who Would Oppose the Crimson King

The the protests begin…

The Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons


Saturday would be a perfect day for protest; a bit of chill in the air, but no rain forecast. The event was to take place late Saturday afternoon and run on into the night. This allowed plenty of time to shake off my evening’s activities from the night before. Reports had been streaming across the wire showing noticeable protesting going on in various U.S. cities since it was announced Donald Trump had won the Presidential election. This protest would be Indy’s initial contribution to the politically progressive backlash against Donald Trump. I remembered a time I followed protestors camped out on Broadway and Colfax in Denver, Colorado, which had been a perfect study of modern day rebellion. I may have been handed another live example of society in revolt; time will tell. This may be only the beginning, or this thing might die out quick…that’s up to the citizens protesting.

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