…running away with me

One night when Harry was five, he lapsed into the unhurried
sleep of the child and had a dream.

A battalion of gorgeously mutilated angels gathered
around Harry and sang in unison:

“He’s done it to you again!”

“Done what?” asked Harry.

But that was the end of the dream.

For the rest of his life, Harry had variations of this dream.

In one dream, Harry is an angel taunting the child, Harry.

Thus from the age of five, Harry began a hunt for God and to
his dismay, Harry found him everywhere.

(c) Rob Goldstein 1992
Image (c) Rob Goldstein 2014

Five Haiku Poems: Bruised, Yet Hopeful

from Michnavs and Poet Rummager

Poet Rummager

34283892552_05fcc1f354_o Collage Art by Poet Rummager

Within this brick wall,
lies my heart where no light shines.
Rejected, it sleeps.

Hidden in the dark –
dreaming so damn hard and tight.
You’re not mine, it weeps.

In this tiny room,
my heart beats against the stone –
bruised yet still hopeful.

Bleeding and in pain,
it yearns to be free again.
Walls start to crumble.

Deep scars you might keep.
Love may fade, but you decide –
Are you strong or weak?

Haiku poetry by Michnavs andPoet Rummager

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Liquid Poems

I want to make



from teardrops

and old saliva

raising pit to pittance

with the seductive hand
of death

ungloved and


me come.

RG 2017