My Letter To Media Outlets Regarding Their 2016 Election Season Coverage

Dear Media, DT is a liar, a con artist, a bully, dirty tricks expert etc, but you enabled him by letting him get away with constructing his huuuuge pile of manure. This is who he is both before and post the election process. He may have conned enough folks to get elected but he didn’t succeed with most of us.

Gronda Morin

The following is a template of what I will be writing to various media outlets. I do fault the media for their complicity in helping the republican’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump to become our next U.S. president.

Dear Media Representatives,

Image result for cartoons about media coverage of electionYou are about to receive many letters similar to mine. While I do not hold your paper and /or the media, in general, solely responsible for Donald Trump’s victory, you have been a major  factor/ player in helping him win.

The rest of the story…(DT is Donald Trump and HRC is Hillary Clinton)

Previously, I have written to media outlets (I am certain that I was not alone) indicating that if DT won, the media would be held culpable in helping  DT with his victory. I was asking the press to end their coverage of treating both candidate with a sense of false equivalency because there was no comparison between the two.

The media writers and pundits were…

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