World Mental Health Day: Psychological First Aid


This post is straight from the gut…fantastic post.


I’m very angry right now. I’m frowning and I feel some type of way. Yep. On a Sunday. Imagine that? My jaws are tight and my chest is swole. I’m salty yo. All urban vernacular for the pissiest levels of pistivity.

I’m mad at how bad people are hurting right now and how much damage well meaning, satanically energized nouns have served as catalysts to hurt people.

I’m mad at the Saul in the Paul in me that has been a contributing factor to hurting people in a churchy way in times past. Though I have since learned to love correctly in a kingdom way and do so (on most days)because life has a way of leveling the playing field, I humbly admit in some cases it’s too little to late.

I’m mad at the Mental Illnesses that torment the minds of those dear to me, the medications…

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