I Heard The News Today

do you think we ask ourselves if taking on a human body was worth it when we die?

The Sick and the Dating

I woke up this morning to a message that was sent to me around midnight telling me, “I know you were friends with Bart [not his real name]; just wanted to let you know that he died after a confrontation with the police Wednesday morning.”

I wasn’t awake to chat back and forth, so I had to do some searching of news articles when I saw the message. There was actually quite an extensive write-up as well as video clips so I was able to get a complete picture from the law enforcement’s viewpoint of what happened.

The hard part was seeing pictures of his dwelling and recognizing the side of his building. Bart was so proud of everything that he did to fix his place up. I still remember walking through his door and smelling his split pea soup.

Bart and I weren’t close friends; in fact…

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calm your tits

I first read this a last October. I’ve re-read it and like it so much I had to re-blog it!

lovers liars and losers

when life becomes too much to handle some shut themselves off to the world, some terminate certain aspects of their lives and some even set out on a new adventure leaving the old in the past, but me…i decided to start a blog to only add to this crazy thing called life.

hi. i’m jae. i’m 23 and have a job that i love while living in a fabulously tiny apartment.  only looking at life in regard to the next few hours as so much can happen oh so quickly…  i love everything about my life and have everything that i want in life except one thing….a guy.

many guys have come and gone…and throughout all of my experiences i have compiled quite the collection of interesting stories.  when rehashing my dates or online encounters, people always are doubled over laughing and normally end up saying, “you could write a…

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Eight years ago tomorrow, I was exactly where I was meant to be

Happy Anniversary!

Ned's Blog

imageEight years ago tomorrow, I stood at the altar, watching as my wife crossed the courtyard toward the church. I remember smiling so much my cheeks hurt; I remember the pride and appreciation I felt knowing I was about to be her husband; and I remember a momentary breeze lifting a strand of hair away from her face, like God’s finger gently brushing it aside as she entered the chapel.

As with any rare occasion when we don’t enter a room together, our eyes found each other immediately. So much was said to each other during that long walk to the altar, not in words, but spoken between our two hearts — in a language we had been fluent in from the moment we met.

Oct. 28, 2006:
My search for a red rose after making the hour-long drive to Salem for our first date had put me behind. Coupled with…

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