The Pippity Poppity Post-Modrenist Poetry of Felicity Duprix

(based on the Rachmaninoff piano concerto no. 2 in C minor, opus 18, which adds to the syntheses and deconstruction of the line, and which the astute reader knows was used as the soundtrack for the film, Deception, which starred Bette Davis.

 Felicity Duprix Among the French Cymbalists

She has strolled the
twenty yards among
the desperate Italians
who sleep on fine couches
beneath that crummy hotel
over Washington Square.

The wind as a Southern Storm
lifts her up to the land of
wildflowers and Irish seascapes.

Flemish belles wring

A clarion call!
An armistice! And
Felicity is alone on a
subway that goes

As surely as the clock ticks,

Just as surely there is a way
to escape Greenwich Village

But for Felicity, whose anguish
has never been televised

And whose skirts are off the rack

There is no escape to money
and romance.

Rachmaninov_ Piano Concerto #2 In C Minor, Op. 18 – 3. Allegro Scherzando
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Poem and Image Rob Goldstein (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved



the “Parasites”

"William's Window"

the "Parasites"

They came with their politics,

Their money, their greed,

Stealing from the poor,

On countries to feed.


The world, their game board,

And we, the playing pieces,

Just sacrificial pawns,

For the few, the one.


They hide behind bullshit,

Spread by their sycophants,

Flaunting their privilege,

This class of psychopaths.


Society their blood vessel,

They latch on and suck,

“The ultimate parasite,”

The people just grunt.


Taxes and credit,

Bailouts and more,

Kickbacks and bribes,

Economy through the floor.


Never is enough,

An unsatisfied hunger,

Our democracy’s decayed,

The world to their plunder.


Hear the war mongers?

They scream for the elite,

“Our parasites are hungry,”

From one and all, shall eat.


William Hancock © All Rights Reserved


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