the derelict

from Daily in the Willows

Daisy in the willows

A picture tells a thousand words

 up close a real human face obscures,

Hides the truth of what is on the tip of its tongue.

Disapproval met by vibes  in thrumb .

Pledged to one other

stand with an umbrella ready- for when in need of cover.

Sometimes dripping in regret is

the only way to salvage how we love and why we forget.

Bruised flesh,

tempers threaded with dynamite.

Will of one -stubborn as a carnal idol fight.

Pleasure seeking

sweet words passed along fingertips

pattern swirls over your lover’s body – a pulse – blood rush, skin on skin

not a touch that is fleeting.

Prolong the ecstasy. Uncode the quest in me.

Moths flutter to the nearst light of anxiety.

Love me – hate me – accept I am my gracioust deed.

Trust , how much I am in need.

Drive love away with a belligerent fiaxtion of desire.

arousal and connection fused to spark up  …

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The Dissection of Blame

No one gives us our rights. We must claim them, and once we have them we must remember that our opposition doesn’t vanish. He patiently waits for the day we drop our guard.



Anyone who thinks sitting in church can make you a Christian must also think that sitting in a garage can make you a carGarrison Keillor

Beyond Religions

There’s the church
There’s the event inside the church
You open the front door
You meet an amazing crowd
But are there people sitted in one accord
Or just an assembly of mediocrity

Has church become the new club
Has religion becoming obsolete
No longer sought after in truism
Clearly unable to meet the needs of today?
And we choose to fix a jamboree
In that hall of grace and freedom

What is it we are doing
What are we actually following
The precious holy trinity ?
Or just complexities from “sound doctrines”
As lies has turned into the new wine
Or just paying tribute to religions across the globe
In an astounding variety
of disbelief and rituals?

As we long for some…

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