#BraveWrite: A Lifetime

I’ve spent a decade in therapy to recover from an emotionally needy, gaslighting  narcissist, who raised her Jewish Son among abusive, anti-Semitic, fag-bashing racists, some of them pedophiles, who considered themselves good Christians.

Ironic, isn’t it?

I’m the one with the diagnoses.

What have I learned?

I am a human being,

I have a right to be alive.

When the trauma is drawn out over a number of years, dissociation becomes a way of life. Once learned, it is a fixed part of the personality that asserts itself long beyond the original dangers that prompted it.

This is an illustration of the principle that C-PTSD is essentially a learning process gone awry as a consequence of the child developing in a dangerous environment.  Dissociation and C-PTSD

The effects of long-term child abuse last a lifetime.

This post inspired by the #BraveWrite hashtag on Twitter.

Rob Goldstein 2019

“Los Portales’ (c) Rob Goldstein 2016

Cee’s Flower of the Day – August 3, 2019: Dahlia

There are times when one must pause to think.

This is one of those times.

I process pictures when I’m thinking so I decided to
look for a photography challenge.

I chose Cee’s FOTD challenge because I can post as often
or not as I want to.

Dahlia is my Second entry for Cee’s FOTD challenge.

I hope you like it.

‘Dahlia’ (c) Rob Goldstein 2019

#WordlessWednesday: Old Man

‘Old Man’ is a photograph of a wall mural on Market Street in San Francisco.
(c) Rob Goldstein 2019

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