I SEE BEAUTY IN YOU #SuicidePreventionMonth #poetry

authenticitee speaks

Like an exposed nerve

You feel the pain of gentle wind

Wondering when the pain will end

But I pass by repeatedly

wanting to say

I see beauty in you

Every single day

I know your roots are uprooted

Protruding you can no longer hide

The scars that tell your story

And the reasons that you cry

I want to give you smiles

And air and hope and joy within

But every time I reach for you

The pain fills your eyes again

Please don’t disappear

Though selfish of me it may feel

Just know many can relate

And some have even been healed

Though internal my scars

are invisible

And my roots cling to laughter anew

Please don’t take your life today

Cause I see beauty in you

***If you or a loved one are suicidal or in crisis, PLEASE know that you matter and are not alone!…

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Lack of Acceptance of Dissociative Parts and Their Life Histories

Good info on how dissociative parts become distinct

Discussing Dissociation

Many trauma survivors with DID, especially those relatively new in the treatment process, often have difficulty accepting that there are “other people inside your head.”

The ideas of losing time (including big chunks of time), losing control of yourself and your mind or your body, having a limited awareness of what has happened in your life, sharing your life with a bunch of others of all different ages, and understanding that all this was caused by severe trauma, can all be difficult realities to grasp.

Inside parts.  Dissociative alter personalities.  Splits of you, from you, but very different from you.

The willingness to share your life with others can be difficult, especially if you haven’t realized that those others inside have been taking turns already.  If this has been happening for years without your awareness, why do you need to know now?

So… if you don’t want them to be…

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