I Know Not

From A Thomas Point of View

A Thomas Point of View

I know not the moment when my innocence was shattered. When my belief in man became so obscure that I thought death was better than life. I’m lying.

I remember.

I remember the day that you touched me as I slept. The moment that my innocence was shattered and I was left to pick up the pieces of the dirty word I had become. I know not why I had to endure that pain.

Maybe someone can explain.

I know not why I was assaulted by two boys on the school bus. Why they held me down and hunched me as I screamed out. Kissing me. Holding my wrists. Why they chose to grind their adolescent penises in my crotch all to show me their manhood. I know not why no one came to my rescue. I screamed for help.

I remember.

Because I was just a girl. Faceless. I…

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DV Awareness Day #3: Various Abuses– Treated With A Shrug

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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For October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I will be writing and sharing postings about abuse and it’s damage.  I encourage each of you to notice the warning signs and report abuse!

Various abuses…
are treated with a shrug…
as many ignore the warning signs…
like dirt pushed under a rug.
For if you don’t see it…
then you can pretend it’s not there…
but in it’s aftermath…
it appears you really didn’t care.

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Behind The Hijab…

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Halima is a good Muslim woman, but in her husband’s eyes, she’s too beautiful to a fault.

When she joined the bank as an intern, she met the gentlemanly Rashidi; a legal adviser at the bank.

A quick courtship ensued; they fell in love, their marriage Nikah was conducted and baby Hakeem arrived, with a darling baby girl Salama all within two years of nuptials.

With respect to Rashidi’s wishes, she became a stay-at-home mom and agreed to always wear the full covered Hijab because he wanted no one ogling his wife when they went out.

In no time, her hijab became a veil to mask the pain in her eye’s and the bruises around her throat. She kept struggling harder to be a better wife, to speak more softly in the face of the new brute who has invaded their home.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

P.S. I don’t care what religious…

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Tuesday afternoon

From musingsofanoldfart


As I think of the fabulous Moody Blues’ song, let me share a few random musings on this cloudy Tuesday. Technically, it is morning here, but since Greenwich time is five hours ahead, the title has merit.

If we look at the US presidential election, what are the signals telling us? The Democrat candidate is being supported by major party leadership, some of whom are on the campaign trail. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who scares Republicans because of her history of fighting for those who have been screwed over, has joined with Hillary Clinton to advocate the message of helping the middle class and those in need with actual programs. There is no better advocate for the disenfranchised than Warren.

On the flip side, the Republican candidate has leaders bailing on him and hiding when he says his latest inane thing. Conservative columnist Michael Gerson has been against Donald Trump and what…

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