My Response to jiminpanama’s response to “The Problem with Gay” by Kendall F. Person


gay pride paradejiminpanama says:
June 30, 2015
Risking to comment here and sharing feelings without being judged. I am always learning that’s why I follow your blog Kendall. All sins being created equal, and God loving all of us in spite of us. I believe that and I get it. I have a problem condoning and putting the official seal of our government on anything against the rules of God, nature, and science. I would need a bigger sampling but I was talking to my uncle and he says he was born gay. I asked him when he knew and he said ever since he had sex with his gym teacher when he was 13. I know boys go through short fazes and changes in sexuality and certain years are critical years. Things can sway a teen boy based solely on timing. My fear is with massive exposure to “gay” the numbers…

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