#044–Why don’t they call white male mass shooters “terrorists”?

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The Chatty Introvert

(Photo Credit: nbcnews.com)

I am so sick of this crap.

I’m sick of these killings.

I’m sick of these “woe is me” stories of a guy who can’t hack it and says “screw the world, I’m taking you all down with me.”

I’m tired of white men (NOT BOYS, DAMMIT!) who haven’t figured out that sitting on your ass and being a white male isn’t going to get you very far anymore, be it job related or dating related.

And I’m really sick of the media and government not calling it like it is. I’m tired of them not calling these white male shooters “terrorists.”

I think its a simple formula: if your object is to maim or kill complete strangers that mean nothing to you and have never personally wronged you, because of some supposed belief you hold (whether nurtured, cultural, religious, etc.) and you find a way to…

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I think, therefore I am not.


I think, therefore I am not. 

When I’m sure of something, my first words are “I think”…

Even though they should be, “I know”. 

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Those of us with DID learn to live cooperatively or die.

The Daedalus

As someone who experiences a degree of multiplicity, I can tell you that there are benefits to feeling what someone else is feeling.

If one of my selves is hurting or very much against doing something, I reason with them and try to help them feel better. Sometimes it works, but sometimes I wind up needing a self-care day. When one part of me is affected, it affects my whole being. When I help that one part, I am helping myself too.

I think in society, we are kept divided on issues so that it inhibits our ability to empathize with other people.

Institutionalized racism keeps us divided into groups. Religious extremists keep us divided by terror. Political parties keep us divided on policies. The media hyper focuses on all of the things that keep us divided.

People forget that we’re all co-creators of our society and we forget that…

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Pictures That Speak Volumes #77

There is little more to add…

My Good Time Stories

Mike Wells Ugandan Boy Photo Credit: Mike Wells

This picture really does speak 1,000 words and it should touch the heart and spirit of each one of us. This is a picture, taken by Mike Wells, of a little Ugandan boy whose hand is being held by a missionary.

This should serve as a great reminder to all of us, as to how “rich and blessed” a lot of us really are. There are many things that we take for granted…nice homes, cars, families, jobs, good health, food, etc. We all should take a moment out of time, everyday, to give thanks for all that we have!

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