At Those Moments

The moment he straddles my hips and applies his lips to mine,

The moment I press my cheek to his belly or feel his arms around
my neck,

At those moments his slightest touch is remembered and grieved.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved   

One Night at Hula’s

You swirled in
as a flame,

all consuming.

Nothing was
left after
you passed.

You touched
me and I was

(c) Rob Goldstein, Honolulu 1981 All Rights Reserved

The Kiss

VR based digital painting of two mail avatars in the last few seconds before a kiss
The Kiss



stroke smooth smoothly stroked back

rest chest on chest

                                  thigh on thigh

my hard on your soft


(c) Bob Goldstein 1976



A Star is Born – Tonight at 7PM – Only at The Public Blogger

I wasn’t going to do another promo post about the show but I was so impressed by the way Oscar’s Sister, Chio Smith, designed this recent poster that I’m posting it because she did such a great job. 

Promoshot 5
One thing I want to comment on is the integrity of this competition in Kendall Person’s Neighborhood.

Kendall runs a tight ship and is consistent about the rules.

There are no favorites and cheating or any attempt to manipulate the rules is not tolerated.

This improves the collaborative spirit of the contestants because they don’t have to worry about cheats stealing their ideas and the show.

I find that integrity refreshing given my experience in other social media.

Regardless of who wins the show itself is a model of collaboration and principle; and from that perspective we are all winners.

Tonight at 7PM the show goes on

at The Public Blogger