This is powerful.

If tears become letters and days turn to pages,
then how would you read his 30 days HARD labor
for fishing
on a lake
in size, depth, clarity and stock?

30 pages: no novel, just a long chapter.
What filled his kids’ bellies? Not fish that their dad caught
by fishing
on a lake
while he worked HARD in the chains.

30 eagles swoop down and catch fish with talons.
Carry them to high nests and fill eaglets’ bellies
through fishing
on a lake
Bites HARD: Birds eat while children starve.

Dedicated to the memory of John Blackbird, an Ojibwe arrested in 1901 for fishing with nets in Bear Trap Creek deep inside reservation lands that border Lake Superior, though some state histories record that he was arrested fishing on the lake. Either way, he was within his rights established through treaties with the U.S…

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Midnight Motivations and Musings # 81

The unsavory truth.

a cooking pot and twisted tales


I’m sure that you understand this fact that “not everyone you relate with will like you!”

As a matter of fact, some who don’t even know you well enough may not be particularly keen on you for reasons best known to them.

In the secret recess of their heart, such people experience a certain sense of elation and feel better about themselves when you are down and out.

Are you going to join the gang up against yourself?

Are you going to continue to give them the pleasure of seeing you miserable and bleeding to death?

Why do you think that bad news travels so fast and the harbingers of bad news are in far more available quantities *for the price of nothing* than those who are willing to share any positivity?

Just dwell a bit on it!

The sooner you realize these things and pull up yourself by choosing to…

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