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You want to be famous? Are you sure?

Yes I’m doing a few re-blogs…but this post is irresistible and when you open it you’ll see why 🙂

look around!

You want to be famous? I’m asking you again. You want to be famous? You want people to recognize you on the street. You want to be followed everywhere by paparazzo?

want-to-be-famousYou want to have a lot of money? You want to be rich? You want to be on television? You want your life to be exposed and thousand of people find out all you do, all you eat, all you want… all your secrets?

Think well! I know, it’s nice to have everything, fame, money, influence… But you must know! You will be hunted, not the hunter. You will be a gazelle and thousands of predators will be watching you.

want-to-be-famous-02Watch the eyes from photos bellow just for some minutes! Are you prepared to be under the magnifier every moment of your life? To wait every moment with fear the predator attack?

So, think!

Someone watching you right now…

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