#CNN: Neo-Nazi Wonders if Jews are People or Soulless Golem

Golem: an animated anthropomorphic being made from mud.

Mud People: The belief that White Christians are the only people born with
souls, everyone else is made from mud. Also denotes a life without meaning or worth.

The mentally disabled are also mud people.

Did You Know Bill Clinton Got AIDS from Magic Johnson?


A graffit sticker of Donald Trump with an anus for a mouth with 'Trump is a Racist' scrawled in pen
This  was once a sticker of Donald Trump with an anus for a mouth. Someone tore the mouth off and scrawled something in pen. I can’t make out what it says, Is Trump a racist or a fascist?

 Daily Show Reporter,  Jordan Klepper interviewed a basket of deplorables at a rally and learned that Bill Clinton got AIDS from Magic Johnson.

Below are a few of the ‘facts’ these people believe and their sources.

Why do so many Americans believe things that aren’t true?

I researched some of the news sources for what I heard in the interview and this is what I found.

President Obama is a Muslim Terrorist. and is funding Iranian terrorism.

The United States owed that money to Iran. The release of that money was part
of a separate negotiation. Snopes.com

A screenshot of a photo of President Obama with a caption that claims that the president is a terrorist.
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Washington Times Editorial: The fact the Obama/Hillary/Kerry sent billions in cash to the real Islamic State, Iran, is proof of everything I just said above. Where did he think they would spend that cash? Does he think they are going to strip clubs? No, the cash would be laundered, untraceable, to fund terror around the world from the largest state sponsor of terror, Iran.

Hillary Clinton has AIDS

A December 2015 book review in the political insider that suggests that Bill Clinton has AIDS
A screenshot of the a December 2015 story in Political Insider. It says that: “n their new book, Bill & Hillary: So This is That Thing Called Love, the authors interview Clinton insiders who claim that Bill slept with so many women that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly forced him to get an HIV test from the doctor. This is because the former President “favored unprotected sex.”

Hillary Clinton has a body double:

A screenshot of the search results from Google in response the the query "Does Hillary Clinton have a body double.
Can you believe this?

Obama was born in Kenya

A Newsmax article that implies Obama was born in Kenya
This Screenshot from a 2015 Newsmax article implies that Obama was born in Kenya. The interesting thing is that if you enlarge the image of the birth certificate it says he was born in Hawaii. The words looked fuzzy and Newsmax didn’t link to a full screen view so I enlarged the image so you can read it. Click to see it large then click the image. Even at its largest the words are fuzzy. Do you think Newsmax did that on purpose?

Jordan Klepper’s  interview is humor but there is nothing funny about this many dis-informed Americans.

The segment below is from the Sep 21, 2016 episode of the Daily Show.