A Story of First Love

Excellent post from a consummate blogger. When was the first music you ever purchased or took seriously?

Living a Beautiful Life

Would you like a wonderfully evocative story of first love?  Of course you would!  Rob Goldstein left this comment on my post Come Back, Baby! and it’s so richly textured and stirring that it deserves its own post.  Here is Rob’s story, in his own words.  Enjoy!

Here’s a little story.

I used to spend Summers in Queens with my Grandmother.

The year I turned 11 “Respect” by Aretha Franklin and “Sgt. Pepper’s” by the Beatles were released.

I had never heard Sgt. Pepper’s but I was already dancing to “Respect”.

My Grandmother introduced me to the beautiful “new” girl in the neighborhood. She was about 17.

I’d never seen anyone like her. She had thick black waist length hair, wore a pair of elephant bell hip-huggers and layers of tortoise necklaces over a tasteful black turtleneck sweater.

She heard my Southern accent and asked me to her place to hear…

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