Cee’s Flower of the Day – August 15, 2019: The Columbine Flower

The Columbine Flower has several symbolic meanings.  The Columbine flower is a symbol of wisdom and intellect. The Columbine flower also has an important meaning in Christian symbolism as one of seven gifts from the Holy Spirit. The Columbine flower is also a symbol of strength, piety, fear, and knowledge.

Flower Meanings



‘The Columbine Flower ’ is my seventh entry for Cee’s FOTD challenge

‘The Columbine Flower ’ (c)Rob Goldstein 2019

Note: I did my best to identify the blossom, if I’m wrong
please tell me. Thanks.

Cee’s Flower of the Day – August 11, 2019: Hibiscus

The yellow hibiscus flower is a symbol of happiness, joy and everything filled with optimism.  Flower Meanings

‘Hibiscus’ is my fifth entry for Cee’s FOTD challenge.