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Myanmar Devotion-1 Devotion inspires one of the purest sets of emotions, capturing love, loyalty and deep feelings of excitement that I do not think can ever be understood beyond our own personal experiences. In the world around us, so much devotion towards deities, lovers, children and nature, all linked to our desire to better understand.

Myanmar Devotion-2 Devotion in its pure form is absolutely awe inspiring to witness. I may not share or understand the experience of the devotee, but often cannot help but feel some attachment with their act of devotion.

Myanmar Devotion-3 To many, devotion is a scary word.  Devotion requires commitment, and the fear of commitment alone can send people running for the door. Contrarily, the only emotion equal to the feeling of devotion is the feeling of freedom.    Freedom to live, to pursue and to reach the potential hidden within, for this is what life’s about. This is…

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Chainbreaker series begins:dismembering popular healing beliefs

In the Scriptures it is clearly written that in order to be forgiven you have to first repent. Repenting means to commit that you won’t repeat the hurtful behaviors anymore and you will change permanently. God doesn’t instruct you to give endless chances and waste your life being a punching bag to an evil toxic person who sees nothing wrong in their behavior.

Number of narcissists I have witnessed repenting so far: 0