A Victory for Common Sense

Good News for Common sense!

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Great news coming out of Georgia! Gov. Nathan Deal has vetoed the controversial anti-gay bill that would have allowed churches and other faith-based organizations to refuse performing same-sex marriages. The bill would have also given people the right to refuse service and even employment to anyone “whose religious beliefs or practices or lack of either are not in accord with the faith-based organization’s sincerely held religious belief.”

The bill passed the Georgia’s state legislature last week and became controversial on day one. Major companies and organizations from across the nation spoke out against it and even threatened to move production to other states if Gov. Deal had chosen to sign the bill into law.

At a news conference this morning, Gov. Deal stated, “I do not think that we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia.”

We must confess that if companies like Coca-Cola and big…

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To My Partner

My Partner

Thank you for 23 years of unconditional love, for accepting me at my worst, for staying when you were frightened, for fighting with me, and fighting for me


Thank you for living with my moods, for accepting my alternates, for setting your limits and uniting us in love and respect for you.


Thank you for learning about my illness, for choosing to live with the stigma, for loving someone with a mental illness.


Thank you for teaching me about family, for the homework with your nieces, for calling your Mother every night, for making sure that the people you love know that you love them.


Thank you for sharing your grief with me as you mourn the loss of your Father.

Thank you for always being a man I am honored to know and love.


You are proof of God’s love and proof of God’s mercy…


Thank you for being my Partner.


RG 2015


Ted Cruz: Freedom Won’t survive unless we Deny Gay People Theirs

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told an Iowa radio host Monday that liberty is imperiled unless Congress passes his amendment allowing states to deny gay couples the right to marry.
 “If the citizens of the state of Iowa or the citizens of the state of Texas want to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman … the states have the constitutional authority to do so and the federal government and unelected judges cannot set aside the democratically elected legislature’s reasonable decisions to enact and protect traditional marriage,” Cruz told radio host Jan Mickelson.
The likely 2016 presidential candidate added, “If the courts were following the Constitution, we shouldn’t need a new amendment, but they are, as you put it quite rightly, making it up right now and it’s a real danger to our liberty.”

Oh, and the sky is falling…..

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Nullification and States Rights, the favorite strategy of the Confederacy since 1832.