The outsider

from TheFeatheredSleep

San Francisco Pride -Strength Across Generations

The first generations of modern gay activists were soldiers.

We fought for and still fight for a great and noble cause: the liberation
of all people from the tyranny of ignorance.

I made this video in 2015 with images from two years of Pride

This year I made a new version and added photos from 2017.

Fight for what’s right and decent and celebrate your life.

We are Family:


‘We are Family’ Sister Sledge 1979

Photography (c) Rob Goldstein 2018


His obvious filthy macho

His wandering gaze above the crowd

His arms are long; he rocks his backpack

His legs are lean and smooth

His trench coat barely covers

his shredded jeans–

He stubs out his cigarette

and boards the train.

(c) Rob Goldstein 1975-2015

Written in Grand Central Station in 1975