Shake Me Loose…but let me sleep

from The Mind of RD REVILO


  • Funny, Some People Think
  • War will be different for them
  • They see the deadly destruction
  • But theirs won’t make them a victim
  • They’ll start the fight on Friday
  • Night
  • Then fight
  • Until Sunday
  • Back to work on Monday
  • And if they get injured or hurt
  • The enemy will nurture
  • Them back to work
  • So they can fight some more
  • And even up the score
  • No loss of electricity
  • Water will flow
  • No pain toward victory
  • No disappearance of people they know
  • It’ll be like a picnic
  • Only ants are pests
  • We’ll be in and out quick
  • Unlike the rest
  • Once they knowwe are serious
  • Fear will make the enemy delirious
  • And sue for peace
  • Just beating our chests will scare the beast
  • Our thunderous protests
  • Will make them confess
  • We’ll sing, we’ll cheer
  • The brave will bring up the rear
  • We’ll snarl, our fists we’ll ball
  • We’ll persist, insist…

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The Bus Trip: Igor’s Bar, Grill and Laundromat



At 3 AM, we had breakfast at Igor’s Bar, Grill and Laundromat.

We were tired but awake.

Lar’s curly blond hair was in gorgeous disarray; he looked like a sullen angel.

He got up to throw coins into the jukebox.

“Fixing a Hole” by the Beatles played.

Lar returned to the table and closed his eyes.

“Who is this?” asked Rob.

“Four clowns from Liverpool.” Lar replied.

Rob laughed, “I recognize the accent.”

A pitcher of beer arrived.

Peter poured and proposed a toast,”To travel and to making friends all over the World!”

“Cheers!” said Rob. I smiled and raised my glass.

Lar looked at Peter with amusement and said, “And I offer another toast! To a strong and victorious Germany!”

Rob raised his glass: “We could use another war.”

Peter lowered his: “I do not toast such things.”

Lar glanced quickly at me; mischief played in his eyes.

Again, he raised his glass:

“What we did not do militarily we will do economically.”

Peter was horrified. ” Du benimmst dich wie ein dummer esel!” (You are acting like a dumb ass.)

Lar smiled: “My friend does not like to hear such things.”

“It is a bit of a drag, my friend.” Rob said to Lar. Then he turned to me: “Is it time to exhume Churchill? He might get confused and bomb Bush.”

“That’s true, “I said, trying to lighten the tone, “Lar, if you want a fascist Government, move to the United States. Our Nazis are just as vicious and even more stupid.”

Everyone but Peter laughed. He glared at Lar. “I had hoped that such things would never again be said by a German!”

This time Lar spoke in German.

“Es ist keine schande zu gewinnen.” (There is no shame in winning.)

Rob replied, “Actually there is, but let’s drop it.”

We returned to the hostel in silence.

A fifth bunk was in our dorm, occupied by an Australian named Carl.

RG 2015-2016



Music – My Interview with Ewian Christensen

Interview with Ewian Christensen


Ewian Christensen Digital Portrait ©Carolina Russo Ewian Christensen – Digital Portrait created by ©Carolina Russo

My interview with Musician, Composer, AudioVideo and independent Artist EWIAN CHRISTENSEN.

Today I am very happy to introduce you with my dear friend musician and composer EWIAN from Germany. Some of you that follow my Blog remember last year when I have Featured Ewian. I love his music and often I shared his  videos and the release of his latest Album “We Need Monsters”. I also used Ewian’s photos last year to create a first Digital Art Portrait part of my Art concept “When Nature Meet Humans ” Ewian was the portrait #6. A couple of months ago I asked Ewian if he would’ve have been open to do an interview with me. And he kindly accepted! I am thrilled about this and I am very happy to be able to let you know him better through  this interesting interview and if you…

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On Being Unable to Reach the Fifth Stage of Grief

Excellent thoughts and reaction to the election from an American ex-patriot

Buffalo Schnitzel

I felt this election in my bones.

I’ll be honest–this is the first political race that I’ve ever lost sleep over, that affected my mood, that made me feel uncontrollably combative towards the ‘other side’ even when I tried very, very hard not to. I know I’m far from alone in this.

I desperately wanted to be an activist–if we were in the States, I can guarantee I would have donned my very own coordinated pantsuit and gone door-to-door, making quite the impassioned case.

Even though I once promised myself to avoid all political talk on Facebook and stick to family pictures or light updates on the state of my being, for the past month or so I just couldn’t help myself. I poured a glass of wine as soon as I got home from work and thought, no, no, stay away, stay awayno one’s mind has…

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