Love Is…

Love is

Love is real , real is love
Love is feeling , feeling love
Love is wanting to be loved

Love is touch, touch is love
Love is reaching, reaching love
Love is asking to be loved

Love is you
You and me
Love is knowing
we can be

Love is free, free is love
Love is living, living love
Love is needing to be loved

John Lennon – Love
John Lennon
The Plastic Ono Album
Community Audio

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Eight Things I love about Second Life

GizzA – 4rd Anniversary Group Gift [Women] Dress XS
Eight Things I love about Second Life

There’s an old saying that if you put more than three people in a room you get politics.

Imagine what that’s like for someone with DID.

My DID Addams Family work very hard to avoid sounding crazy.

That’s a tad absurd; why have a mental health blog if you can’t sound little crazy?

I don’t mean sounding crazy as in speaking in gibberish; I’ll leave that to narcissists that are even perfect at speaking gibberish.

People with DID contradict themselves, it’s what we do.

I disagree with the constant harping on everything hateful about Second Life.

Mateo made a mistake and his feelings were hurt; it’s time he got over it and moved on.

I like Second Life.

Yes, some of the members are sociopaths; so what else is new?

Have you seen American politics lately?

I believe that if we’re going to complain about a group of people or a social media platform, we must also find the good and validate it.

To that I end I’ve written this short post. Eight things I love about Second Life.

The fashion designers – There is an art to making virtual clothing and avatars that walk properly and can dance. Everything that I have on in these photos is a combination of textures and virtual objects sculpted to look like hair and eyes. Someone spent time and energy to design this outfit. The gown that I’m wearing in the first shot is free at the Gizza main store.  I can’t make these things but I love the people who did. So to the people who make the skin, eyes, hair and fashion designs in Second Life, thank you.

If I pose in rain it is because someone made rain and clouds and sunshine and water.

When I dance or strike a perfect pose it is because someone spent time learning how to animate and pose avatar bodies that prefer to waddle around like ducks. Making animations and poses is difficult and I don’t know how to do it. So here’s to the animators of Second Life.

Hair styles, thousands of them, made by people who not only understand computer technology but must have the skills of a hair stylist. 

Urban Life 2
Streaming music and streaming media. I can use Winamp to stream my music into my workshop so that when I go into Second Life to play I have the music I want.

The nightclubs. If you’ve lost the use of your legs or are otherwise ill how cool is it to get together with a friend to go clubbing. Owning a virtual nightclub is time-consuming and difficult. One is a manager, event coordinator and greeter. Competition is stiff and very often underhanded: that’s the way life is.

A new way of exploring the self that has never existed. Even if I were not the female alternate of a man with DID the fact remains that a man or a woman can go into virtual reality and get a sense of what life might be like for a woman or a man, or someone from a different time and culture. I think that’s great.

The dedicated team of developers who make the Firestorm Viewer and the wonderful tools that I use to have my fun. Without you and the programmers who make other viewers nothing else is possible. And you make it for free.

Mateo and Rob have every reason to be cautious, this isn’t a pleasant World for people with disabilities; but Mateo had no business trying to separate himself from the rest of us by going into Second Life to live his own life. The wound that he nurtures is self-inflicted and will not heal until he moves on. It is just as destructive to focus on the negative and I think it alienates people who may want to get to know us. 

If you’ve read this post, I thank you.

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Be a Mensch

I’m a competitive man but I have a set of rules.

Rule Number 1: Have rules.

Rule Number 2: Follow them.

What are the rules?

There’s only one.

Don’t behave like an animal.

What does that mean?

It’s only dog eat dog when we make it so.

We don’t have to eat the another dog’s food.

We don’t have to rip out someone’s throat out because we feel threatened.

My Grandmother’s way of saying it was “Be a mensch.”

A mensch is an ancient concept possibly rooted in Hellenistic Judaism.

It incorporates the classical Greek ideal of the ‘citizen’.

One is not born a mensch.

One becomes a mensch through study, discipline and respect for the rule of law.

There is human nature and there is being human.

The two often clash.

I adored my Grandmother and if being a mensch pleased her than I would be the best little mensch in the world.

That’s the thing about drive and ambition.

We can teach children to use drive and ambition for the good of all people or we can teach them to live like money-grubbing savages and to even think that there is glory in it.

My Grandmother said a beast in a Park Avenue penthouse is still a beast.

My Grandmother said the pigs that played Arnold Ziffel were rich pigs but they were still pigs.

Neil Armstrong was a mensch.

He landed on the moon and placed himself second to an achievement that he shared with every person on the planet.

He made a giant leap for mankind.

Sure, he got something out of it; but he would have anyway.

A noble deed done with mixed intentions is a still a noble deed.

A mensch must face his beast to transcend it.

A mensch is not a perfect person.

A mensch is not someone who backs down from fighting an injustice or an unwarranted attack.

A mensch is someone who believes in the value of a civilized life.

A mensch learns to muzzle his inner pit bull.

(c) Rob Goldstein 20126 All Rights Reserved



Our Love is Here to Stay

Crystal Blue

GizzA – Crystal Formal Dress and Faux Fur Stole

In time the Rockies may crumble
Gibraltar may tumble
They’re only made of clay
But our love is here to stay

Dinah Washington

Our Love is Here to Stay
Dinah Washington
Usage Public Domain Mark 1.0
The Internet Archives