Felique Dupré in the Haunted World: Whose Hell is This?

Persephone plods relentlessly towards Hell.

Great drifts of snow form a tunnel along Union Turnpike.

Everything is grey: grey snow from a grey sky on grey

Persephone rolls her eyes at the writer; perseveration of
thought is the sign of an overwrought mind.

Yet, she does consider the landscape grey

Illustration of Persephone made from a photograph of an avatar
Union Turnpike

Alla Saints an’ Mother Theresa coul’na saved me!” laughs Hades
with a puff on his cigar.

He’s just told the story of how, as a young Catholic converting a Jew in Switzerland, he was chased by a pack of Protestant dogs.

“My twisted sister!” Persephone hikes her skirt; that story never fails to impress.

Hades,” she says, “about Felique…”

“I don’t have your precious Felique!”

Nevertheless, she persisted: “But you must!”

Hades relaxes and chuckles affectionately: “Of course I must. She’s in the Garden playing with dolls. She’d love to see you.”

Persephone is confused: “What was that business with the hag in the mirror?”

“You know how the writer likes special effects.”

“And Felique…?”

“She’s a little girl named Trina.”

“I see…and, whose Hell is this?

“Cocteau’s, do you like it?”

Surrealist photograph of virtual reality avatars to represent Persephone and Lucifer entering the Garden
Persephone and Lucifer enter the Garden

Persephone examines one of Lucifer’s paintings and smiles: “Life is like a skyscraper on quicksand.”

(c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved

Quicksand or Time

kneel into


as thick as


or time

as short as


the mind goes


and still soft


are the fashion

is the suck-off

are the



more me

of me

on the street





where the



fails, extending


to the


to the


of a sleeping

bag whose

mind has

snapped —

onto mine.


(c) Rob Goldstein 2014-2017


…of wisteria and the scent of honeysuckle

Her  death leaves
us with

hidden memories

of captured fireflies,

of wisteria and

the scent of


of taffy pulls
pink flamingos,

of Christmas and

the Wizard of Oz,

of swallowed


and conflicting


Image and text Rob Goldstein (c) 2017

The Alternate Universe of DID

sonniq over at My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison asked me if my alternates communicate with each other.

In response I posted a Letter from Bobby to Sara and her reply.

There is a discrepancy between what I feel is true and what I know is true.

What I feel is that my body is populated by other people; people who are alike yet different; with different needs, points of view, ideas, and biases: with different needs, points of view, ideas, and biases.

As I check the Second Life photographs made by my alternates over the years I see no virtual representation for Rob Goldstein or Robert.

The alternate who uses the name Robert Goldstein is the one who thinks
he’s old.

He is cranky and opinionated and dislikes Second life, which he describes
as a libertarian cesspool.

Bobby and Sara like Second Life and defend it as a creative outlet for people
who are disabled.

I’ve mentioned in other posts that Second Life is an extension of my
inner life

Some of my alternates are friends with each other.

Almost all of them like to dance, and when they use dance animations in Second Life they re-create real dancing by choosing animations based on
the beat of the song.

My alternates dance with each other as a form of soothing, especially as each comes to terms with the abuse and pain that brought them to life.

So, the answer is yes, they talk to each other and they collaborate on the illustrations that we use for the poems and stories we write.

On those occasions when the child alternates are frightened, Matthew brings  them into Second Life to comfort them.

The pictures below show different skill levels in composition and photo-processing. 

We knew nothing about photography, composition or Photoshop in 2009.

Over time our skills improved and we dispensed with reality based sets and backdrops since reality has no meaning for us, not in Second Life which
is little more than an extension of my inner world.

Mateo and Sara 2009
Mateo and Sara 2009
Bob and Bobby 2010
Bob and Bobby 2010
Mateo and Bobby- 2013
Mateo and Bobby- 2013
The Narrator and Sara -- 2013
The Narrator and Sara — 2013
Bobby and The Narrator - 2014
Bobby and The Narrator – 2014
Bobby and Sara - January 2014
Bobby and Sara – January 2014
Bobby and Matthew - 2013
Bobby and Matthew – 2013
Bobby and Sara - February 2014
Bobby and Sara – February 2014
Mateo and Sara - September 2014
Mateo and Sara – September 2014
Bobby and Sara - January 2014
Bobby and Sara – January 2014
Matthew and Sara - 2014
Matthew and Sara – 2014


Bobby and Sara - July 18, 2015
Bobby and Sara – July 18, 2015
Matthew and Peter - 2014
Matthew and Peter – 2014
Matthew and Robby - 2013
Matthew and Robby – 2013

 (C) Rob Goldstein All Rights Reserved