Soul Searching

from Poet Rummager

Poet Rummager

Illustration by Poet Rummager

I’ve hung the missing posters –

stapled them to light poles.

Only the wind answers back

in haughty undertones.

Fool, it huffs, as it slaps my face,

Humanity is a runaway.

No use looking.

No one cares.

In this desolate terrain,

you’ll be soul searching in vain.

United States ranks 50 out of 55 developed countries in healthcare efficiency, life expectancy, and healthcare spending per capita (Bloomberg). Our senators and congressmen are covered under government health plans for life, yet they quibble about offering the sickest and poorest children the right to the same quality of care. Where are these people’s souls? I certainly can’t find them.

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Yahoo Mail Craziness or We Don’t Offer Real Tech Support because We Don’t Really Care

Screen shot of Yahoo error message
We don’t Really Offer Tech Support because we don’t really care.

Some folks may know that Yahoo somehow managed to lose the personal information of millions of customers. So, acting on the prompt to protect
myself I changed my password and implemented a two-step verification
process for accessing my email whereby Yahoo sends a code to my phone.

This strategy works beautifully with WordPress but it’s an incompetent
nightmare with Yahoo.

The code arrives and I use it but it’s unrecognized during authentication.

Three codes, three tries and now I’m locked out of my email.

Naturally I looked for a support solution but like Facebook and other large
social media companies there are no people available to intervene in the
madness caused by faulty software.

One would think that companies that make as much money as Yahoo and Facebook would pay a team of support people to help people with a
glitch like this– but no, that might eat into precious profits and give the
customer a sense of respect.

So if you’ve sent me an email to which I have not replied this is why: I’m locked out of my account for 12 hours with no recourse.

I apologize and will respond as soon as I can access my account…

And If that fails I’ll open a new email account with another company.


Rob Goldstein


IOTD …. Special Edition …. #JeSuisPulse …. “!!


It Is What It Is


~~June 12, 2016~~ 


We woke up to the terrible news of a mass shooting in a local gay club: PULSE.

This started around 2am this morning. Lives have been lost, our community is in pain. Investigation still ungoing …. local police, FBI and other Federal Agents.

Sad days continued in this country.

20 dead people, 42 injured taken to local hospitals

All still developing!!

I have no adequate words.

As the morning continues, it all continues to sink in.

My heart hurts, my hands are shaky, my brain doesn’t want to believe.

Now its 50 killed … 53 wounded 

Reports say the worst mass shootings in the US to date.

We are now in a STATE OF EMERGENCY in Orlando.

Grief Counseling happening at the LGBT Center on Mills today.

Situation still developing!



Omar Mateen ID’d as Pulse Gay Club Killer in Orlando


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