I celebrate my tears 

Souldier Girl

I celebrate my tears

For the little girl who was put in the corner

With the hypnotic sway of the pointing finger

“Don’t you dare cry”

Over and over

…like a lullaby

I celebrate my tears

For the years of pushing them down

To a dungeon I forgot about


“Tears are a sign of weakness”

So I smiled harder and forced them into secret

I celebrate my tears

Because when my baby died

Everyone was allowed to lose their minds

Except me

I was positioned to remain

“Nice and neat”

And keep tears hidden

In between the sheets

When he is passed out asleep

In the shower for hours screaming

As long as no one was home

…to listen

I celebrate my tears because the

Chains are being broken

And my tears are the ones seeking their freedom!

They run down my cheeks

In an overzealous reaction

They stream…

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