My Daily Observation – An Update: 2/3/18

From Danny at Dream Big, Dream Often

Dream Big, Dream Often

It has been quite a while since I have given an update on my life living with MS so I thought I’d share how things are going.  I know for most of your this type of update does impact you, but I do have followers who live with the disease and I want to encourage and support them in any way I can.

Danny's iphone 696 My first day hooked up – 2011

Danny's iphone 698 The infusion happened over 5 days and they leave this in your arm…

Danny's iphone 700 Finally leaving the hospital – 2011

I have an appointment with the neurologist at the end of March to follow-up on a new medication I am beginning in April.  The medication is called Ocrevus and is an infusion I’ll take every six months in the hospital or doctor’s office.  The initial treatment is administered in two sessions, two weeks apart. At each of these sessions, I will receive 300…

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Danny’s World: There’s A Spirit of a Storm In My Soul

from Dream Big Dream Often

Dream Big, Dream Often

As I sat on the beach this morning and listened to the waves crash I couldn’t help but think of how far I’ve come since I started this blog. There was a time when I was experiencing tremendous internal turmoil. Basically, my insides were a raging dumpster fire. I was so lost. Sitting there I remembered this song that was once my anthem:

“Spirit Of A Storm” – Kenny Chesney

There’s a spirit of a storm in my soul
A restlessness that I can’t seem to tame
Thunder and lightning follow everywhere I go
There’s a spirit of a storm in my soul.
There’s a hurricane that’s raging through my blood
I can’t find a way to calm the sea
Maybe I’ll find someday the waters aren’t so rushed
Right now they’ve got the best of me
And oh, it’s been a long, long time
Since I had real peace…

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Reasons Why You Should Be Careful of the Words You Speak

What words are you allowing to come from your mouth to manifest their reality in your life?

Dream Big, Dream Often

Have you ever given thought to the power your words have over your life?

words image credit: indeterminable

A couple days ago I was on a sales call with a coworker to talk with a veterinarian about doing business with the newspaper.  She was there to speak about the benefits of print media and I was there to discuss how we could help them improve their online presence.

On the way back to the office we had a great conversation about the principle that people become the words they speak and the power of the mind.   In the past year she has lost significant weight which led me to ask her what brought about her wanting to change.  Her explanation was simple-she changed her mind.  She expressed to me how her physical body had come to represent how she perceived the world around her and how she perceived herself…mentally.  She…

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