The outsider

from TheFeatheredSleep


38638686_1843766582406138_8072796370370560000_nshe wasn’t like them, so they didn’t like her

to her face they smiled and said ‘nice things’

which she knew were lies

behind her back they laughed

and made dirty-lezzie jokes

because it made them uncomfortable

to think about what they thought she did

it made them feel a bit disgusted

like when you stand too close

she looked like them in superficial ways

wore at times, nicer dresses and had longer hair

the fact that she liked girls wasn’t in their

comfort zone

when it was summer time they had

BBQ’s and invited all the neighborhood kids

wondering if she would be safe around minors or

would do something inappropriate

when they started a mommy running club

she wasn’t invited because she was neither

a mommy or someone they wanted to

bare their secrets with

what would she understand of husbands?

maybe their husbands liked her


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The Pervert

The internet archives is bursting with funny video mashups.

The pervert is a video mashup that opens with a late 1950’s
film against the evils of pornography.

It illustrates the film’s pro-censorship stance from a hilariously
modern point of view.

“We know that once a person is perverted, it is impossible for that person to adjust to normal attitudes toward Sex.” Perversion for Profit

The Pervert
by Adam Rosenberg
Prelinger Archive Mashups

Dear Cody

In So Many Words



I well understand your position and I respect your decision. I’m truly sorry that we can’t come to a less heart-breaking conclusion to this transition in our lives. I thank you for the time we have shared together and want you to know that I deeply appreciate your fortitude in bearing with me in the beginning and especially now as we reach the inevitable conclusion.

I understand your need out of this relationship, as it would be harder on us both to manage a long distance romance. But of course, I’m hoping, it doesn’t mean that we would sever our friendship because of it. I honestly believe that we have shared something beyond a relationship of convenience, beyond sexual, beyond companionship…more truly an honest friendship. And that is something I have lacked in my life for the past ten years and would miss dearly without you.

I too…

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Illicit Heart

In So Many Words


Wandering aimlessly
Through darkened corridors
Sense of sight diminished
Skin tingles with heightened awareness
Startled to a stop
Your hand upon my chest
Heart racing to a manic beat
Can you feel it?
Can you fill it?

Wondering frantically
Through my mind’s corridors
Sense of self abandoned
Bodies aflame with cognizant lust
Trying, but can’t stop
Tasting the salt of your skin
Heart thumping out of control
Dare you still it?
Dare you steal it?

Wavering emotionally
Through possible paramours
Sense of reason returning
Reticence of releasing this false clinging
Determined to stop
Pleasure exploding
Like my heart through my chest
Time to heel it.
Time to heal it!

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