Poetry from ‘The Feathered Sleep

The Choice

from The Bag Lady

The Bag Lady

I could keep on running. I could fool the dogs staying in the stream but that would mean going into the tunnel. How old is it? Where does it come out? Would I even be able to come out the other side? I haven’t been here before, I don’t know the area, and I want to get out of this water. It’s getting colder and I’m soaking wet.

I hear them coming, those howling, high pitched whines when they’ve found my scent. They’re closer. Should I keep going and brave the tunnel? It may have no other opening, it may be the entrance to a huge deep hole. Would I be able to breathe in there, are there snakes?

If I go into the tunnel and they follow. . .if there’s no other opening, I’ll be trapped! Their barks are louder, pretty soon they’ll see me and then I’m caught…

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Lack of Acceptance of Dissociative Parts and Their Life Histories

Good info on how dissociative parts become distinct

Discussing Dissociation

Many trauma survivors with DID, especially those relatively new in the treatment process, often have difficulty accepting that there are “other people inside your head.”

The ideas of losing time (including big chunks of time), losing control of yourself and your mind or your body, having a limited awareness of what has happened in your life, sharing your life with a bunch of others of all different ages, and understanding that all this was caused by severe trauma, can all be difficult realities to grasp.

Inside parts.  Dissociative alter personalities.  Splits of you, from you, but very different from you.

The willingness to share your life with others can be difficult, especially if you haven’t realized that those others inside have been taking turns already.  If this has been happening for years without your awareness, why do you need to know now?

So… if you don’t want them to be…

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Paid The Price

Exclusive Inflictions

19 of 31 OctPoWriMo

She asked him nicely to stay
On her knees she begged please
Don’t leave me and go away
He insisted and took leave

Left standing there alone
She fell to the floor, wept
Vulnerable and prone
Saw it clearly as she slept

Without any delay
Revenge was to be claimed
Actions taken the next day
He’d be stopped and maimed

Packed her sharpest blades
Stalked him back to his spot
Broke in and waited to raid
Silently with her thoughts

Deep sleeping, it was time
Emerging from the shadows
To charge him for his crime
In blood for being shallow

Lacerated his throat
Slashed hard at his face
On the initial strokes
Excited her heart raced

Blood splattered the walls
White bed linens drenched
She can again walk tall
Blood thirst is now quenched

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