From the Feathered Sleep


Though we were afraid
We stood

Though we trembled

We reached

Though we feared falling

We let go

Though you are far

You caught me

Though you were struggling

You held on

Though we both felt we couldn’t

We did

And the light that bathed our rebirth

Was a mute white

And the song in our mouths

Was of gratitude

And my loved ones passed over

Clambored from their soil and Ash

As beautiful as children again

Clasping my empiness

They claimed me anew

Standing on the bridge

One side darkness and dusk

Extinguisher of all I was

The other side golden

You have been so missed they chorused

And at first I couldn’t bear the feeling

Surging in me like a hundred hands

But they held firm, did not let me run, did not excuse me

No death did not stop us

No life is not meant to be…

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A Friend In Trouble

Please take a moment to offer a word of encouragement to a fellow blogger in need

Petals Unfolding

I was just notified this morning that a good friend of mine, Irene (IreneDesign2011), is very ill in a hospital in her city.  Her daughter, Claire, requested help from me to get the word out that her Mother needs prayer, Light and Energy, good thoughts, sent now.  If any of you know Irene will you please reblog this post and assist me to get to as many of Irene’s friends as possible so they know about this situation?

The following is the exact message Claire, Irene’s daughter requested I write in this post:

“I am not sure who is reading this but I hope it is read by Irene’s friends and followers.  I am her daughter, my name is Claire, and would like to give you an update on this story.  As I cannot guess her password to the computer, I cannot write a separate post for you to receive…

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Mental Health – Lets talk about it!

April is Mental Health Awareness Month

Natalie Fielden

It is widely believed across the world that Mental Health isn’t spoken about enough, when in actual fact it probably is spoken about enough, just no action is taken in order to help people overcome these health issues; which I believe is due to the stigma built up, behind mental health.

I do believe that at recent points in my life, I have suffered one, if not several mental illnesses.There were days on end when I wouldn’t leave my bed, I would feel emotionless, the other days where I could be the happy person I have always been. However I cannot say this for sure as I didn’t get diagnosed, because I didn’t want to. The reason I didn’t want to get diagnosed with anything was because I was scared. I wasn’t scared of this thing being named… I was scared of the label. I didn’t want my friends, my…

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Societies Ills

Splendid writing from Daisy in the Willows