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~~April 1, 2017~~ 


~Rainbow Flag Creator Gilbert Baker Dead at 65~

Thank you Gilbert for giving our community one of our greatest gifts.

You are a trailblazer for #LGBTQ youth around the world.

You will be missed!

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Gilbert Baker (June 2, 1951 – March 31, 2017) was an openly gay American artist and civil rights activist who designed the rainbow flag in 1978. Baker’s flag became widely associated with LGBT rights causes, a symbol of pride that became ubiquitous in the decades since its debut.

The colors on the Rainbow Flag reflect the diversity of the LGBT community.

When Baker raised the first rainbow flags at San Francisco Pride (his group raised two flags at the Civic Center) on June 25, 1978, it had eight colors, each with a symbolic meaning:

Hot Pink: sexuality
Red: life
Orange: healing
Yellow: sunlight
Green: nature

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STONEWALL INN …. First National Monument …. “LGBT Struggle …. “!!

The Stonewall in is now a national monument.

You can’t tell people in the GLBTQ community that people can’t change the world and make it better place for our children. WE know that with time, patience, perseverance and sacrifice that we CAN change our world. So, no more excuses. No more hiding behind and blaming ‘the government’ as if ‘the government’ isn’t ours. If the government is corrupt it’s because the people are corrupt. If the government is inept it’s because the people have made it so. In a democracy the government is a reflection of the will of the people; even when they do nothing.

It Is What It Is


~~June 28, 2016~~


Stonewall Inn becomes national monument nearly 50 years after riots

In 1960’s America, it was illegal to be homosexual.

Police raids on gay bars were common.

But on the night of June 28, 1969, gay residents of Greenwich Village decided they’d had enough, and took a stand at the Stonewall Inn.

They fought back against police.

The violence led to days of protests, ultimately igniting the gay rights movement.

It took 47 years, but the historic importance of what happened in the tiny Manhattan neighborhood has finally gotten federal recognition.

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