Harold Norse and Rob Goldstein: The Jewish Community Center, 1986

I am the Rob Goldstein in the tapes mentioned in Stephanie.

In 1983, I moved in with my friend and mentor Harold Norse.

Norse and I lived together as teacher and student for five years.

I gave that short reading of Stephanie in April of 1984.

That was my first public reading and I was nervous.

By 1986, I was more comfortable on the stage.

I also had a theatrical monologue in production.

I named the monologue Bobby .

I didn’t know then that Bobby is a dissociative  alternate.

I recall when I performed sections of the monologue Bobby took
over but I considered it getting in character.

In 1986, I gave a joint reading with Harold Norse at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center in San Francisco.

The reading was Harold’s way of validating my work as a student.

That night Harold had a touch of laryngitis.

He brought a tape of his reading his translations of Gioachino Belli and used it when his  voice tired.

That part of Harold’s taped reading of Belli and my performance of section seven of  ‘Bobby’ are in this post.

I’ve also included my opening which was a reading from OttoKernberg’s Borderline Conditions  and Pathological Narcissism which I used to
illustrate  the way academic language is used to oppress gay men.

To provide context, in 1986 being a gay identified writer was still a radical act, more so because  the AIDS epidemic had caused a backlash and had not yet peaked.

Harold Norse reads from his translations of Gioachino Belli


Rob Goldstein reads from Otto Kernberg’s Borderline Conditions and Pathological Narcissism.

Rob Goldstein reads section seven of Bobby, The Summerville Lights

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