The Old Guy … Think Kindly …

from Geezer94


Think Kindly


When I am gone,

I hope you think kindly of me.

That there is a memory of us,

That brings a smile …

To your heart.


Remember … these old eyes once,

Contained a spark of life,

With all the joy of the young,

With all the hope ..

Of the loved.


When I am gone,

Remember our laughter,

The tears we shared,

And how our hearts sang,

From our shared whimsical smiles.


Oh when I am long resting in peace,

Put down the words for all to read.

To share once again,

This day and next,

My prayer and smile for all of you.


Jem © 2018



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A wonderful collection of things from Thumbup

The playground

Croma Security Solutions  Secure Places.
#1. Area 51 Air base in Nevada 

Look at the round thing!  I wonder! Maybe it’s not from no aliens flying around the spaceship, it’s them U.S. military people?area-51
AREA - 51 The Revelation About The Biggest Secret In The World#2. Federal Reserve
#3. Safe House
#4. Doomsday seed vault


(Air Intakes+Filtration System)>
 Greenbriar Underground Bunker
There are only a few entrances to The Greenbrier’s  Cold War Bunker— picture above left is where trucks could deliver supplies. The door weighs 25 tons. How nice!Where was the one for us,
Why Are So Many Of The Super Wealthy Preparing Bug Out Locations? Read what it says underneath the youtube.
#6. Fort Knox in Kentucky, USA.
Banned the private ownership of gold. 
Amanda Green’s Fort Knox is just forgold?

#7. HavenCo world’s…

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